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Last updated: April 13, 2019

The characters throughout the story of Jonathan are Jonathan, Saul, Israelites, Philistines, Samuel, Michal, David, Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth, possibly as authors of some of the writings Nathan and Gad.

Israel has moved from the rule of judges to the guideline of kings. Jonathan’s father Saul is the first king of Israel. Jonathan leads 1,000 guys in war towards the Philistines and defeats them. The Philistines bring together to fight Israel and Saul summons the Israelites for battle. whilst the Israelites see the scale of the Philistine navy they run and hide. Jonathan takes his armor bearer and the two of them engage and kill twenty Philistines. while Saul involves assault the Philistines, they’re in a panic and preventing amongst themselves due to the fact Jonathan had induced confusion by his attack.

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Saul orders a curse upon anybody who would eat at some stage in their pursuit of the Philistines. ignorant of his father’s orders, Jonathan eats some wild honey. Jonathan admits his wrongdoing and is inclined to accept the outcomes. For this, Saul informed his own son that he’ll have to die. The men of the Israel army interfere due to the fact they recognise Jonathan had saved Israel with the help of God.

Jonathan then meets David as he spoke to King Saul. Jonathan, right away feels an abiding love for David and they be near friends. Jonathan and David make a covenant and Jonathan seals it by way of giving his gown, garments, sword and bow to David.

Saul turns into deeply jealous of David and turns towards him. Jonathan tries to reconcile them, but the reconcilement does no longer closing lengthy. again and again Jonathan protects his pal David from Saul. Their friendship grows more potent with each hardship.

Saul attempts to get Jonathan to kill David, however Jonathan warns David of Saul’s anger and David hides. Jonathan and David meet one remaining time within the wilderness of Ziph, Jonathan proclaims David may be the subsequent king of Israel, which became Jonathan’s birthright. They make a covenant earlier than God. They component and in no way see each different once more.

Jonathan dies on the hands of the Philistines. Saul became badly wounded inside the equal conflict and Saul took his personal lifestyles. David mourns the death of Jonathan and Saul


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