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Last updated: February 16, 2019

The case study “When Key Employee Clash” explains an issue between two directors of Kid Spectrum, Inc.

The author states that Ellen, the administrative director, and Ronnie, the director of clinical operations have totally different work styles. Ellen follows protocols and wants more stuff to control, whereas, Ronnie focuses on what is important: the clients. Ellen and Ronnie work styles depend on their department objectives. Ellen’s work is more about administrative jobs such as get the timesheets done on time so that cash flow can happen based on proper paperwork. In contrast, Ronnie focuses more on groundwork to help patients. Both work hard to achieve their departmental goal but they have lack of collaboration.

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The focus on individual department goal and not align with overall organization objective is the main reason for the conflict in this case because Ronnie just care about patients and overlooked organizational goal, similarly, Ellen pushes more to get the timesheet done on time so that cash flow can happen but without clients you cannot survive long in business. According to Harvard Business Review (1990), “What Leaders Really Do” the author states that “A central feature of modern organization is interdependence, where no one has complete autonomy. Each individual employee’s goal is aligned with organization vision.

” As it does not appear that Ellen and Ronnie are having a problem in achieving their departmental goals so they need to align with the organization vision. Another instance from Harvard Business Review (1990), “What Leaders Really Do” the author notes that “Motivation and inspiration energize people, not by pushing them in the right direction but satisfying basic human needs.” Successful motivation ensures that they will have energy to overcome obstacles. It further explains that achieving grand vision always requires a burst of energy. Motivation gives a sense of belonging, recognition, and self-esteem. Such feeling touches deeply and elicits a powerful response.

Ellen and Ronnie here seem to have lack of motivation to achieve a common goal, just with the personal conflict they ignored the main goal of the organization. Matthew motivation to achieve organization goal can help Ellen and Ronnie to focus on common goal along with their departmental goal. Matthew can motivate them in four ways. First, he can articulate the organizational vision in a manner that it values to the both Ellen and Ronnie.

Second, he should involve in deciding how to achieve the organization goal, this gives a sense of control over them. Third, He can also support employee’s effort to realize the vision by coaching, feedback and role modeling, thereby helping employees to grow professionally and enhancing their self-esteem. Finally, Matthew can recognize and award success which not only gives a sense of accomplishment but also makes them feel that they belong to an organization that cares about them. Therefore, I believe that Matthew can solve this conflict in two ways. First, he can offer team lunch or dinner for those employees who complete the time sheets on time, this will motivate Ronnie and his team to focus on completing time sheets along with their departmental goals. Second, he can organize a training on achieving overall organization goal where each employee can understand how their day to day work aligns with the organization vision.

This will help Ellen to understand customers are also important along with the cash flow, and Ronnie and his team can understand cash flows are important to stay in business along with clients. Hence, it will solve the conflicts.


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