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Last updated: April 15, 2019

The business intelligence is key aspect of big data. Ram et al. (2016) cited a finding steered by Thomson in 2004 signifying the key advantage of BI include spawning fast and more accurate reports (81%), business decision making betterment (78%),well delivery of customer services (56%) and amplify firms revenues (49%). The Business Intelligence (BI) involved extraction of valuable information from huge data sets used in planning and making decision (Silahtaro?lu & Alayoglu, 2016). The activities include data preparation, data cleaning, preprocessing and integration, taking on a machine learning algorithm, techniques, employing an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing ) and data mining tools, performing analyses and visualization. The BI plays significant roles within a firm (Anandarajan,

2012; Silahtaro?lu & Alayoglu, 2016). These involved: increase productivity and quality, creating product and marketing segmentation ,determining current customer profile, predicting future customer profile, establishing product pricing strategies, planning human capital, formulate strategic plans, customer tendency and loyalty prediction. As a result of IoT development a number of applications have been roll out by the smart firms involving business intelligent systems to facilitate and efficiently enhanced services delivery such as smart: energy, healthcare, smart grids, water, retail, transportation and homes (Hashem & Anuar 2016).

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According to Chan (2013) the data sources as structured data are taken through system as OLTP systems, legacy systems and peripheral systems processed to target data warehouse. The outmoded BI analytical tools involved online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining, query and reports enabling business intelligence information to expedite business operations other than decision making. Additionally, the data sources ( unstructured and semi structured data) originates from sensors, mobile, social media, call records, scientific research, satellites ,web log ,and geospatial devices channeled to modern analytical technologies as Hadoop and MapReduce. Marín-Ortega, et al.( 2014) argues that the key features of business intelligence are :(i) Data Management-This involves data extraction, data integration, data cleaning, storage and maintenance.(ii) Data Analysis- These include query of data, generation of reports and visualization of data.(iii) Knowledge Discovery- This encompasses extraction of insightful knowledge from dataset in data warehouses


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