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The business environment Information and history about the BP oil & gas and cancer research BP OIL AND GAS The large international business that I am going to be studying is BP oil & gas. BP oil is a gas and petrol company which is a business that is in London. The company is the sixth biggest energy and petrol company, the company also has the world largest revenue.

The company was first funded on the 14th April 1909 and the company has products in the business such as Petroleum, Natural gas, Motor fuels, Aviation fuels, and Petrochemicals’. The company BP was partners with a Russian joint venture. The company’s revenue costs are 244.58 billion, the functioning income is 9.

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47 billion. Last of all BP has 74,000 employees. BP controls whiting refinery in Indiana.

However, the company has been blamed for many dangerous issues to do with environmental and safety, an example of this would be the incident of (2005) Texas City Refinery explosion, the company caused approximately 15 deaths of employees. The consequence of the incident caused the company to lose profit from an OSHA fine of 25 million. ( ). CANCER RESEARCH Cancer research is a charity that raises money for the people with cancer. The charity raise awareness of cancer and try too get enough funds too help the people in need of support .This charity is the only self-regulating and biggest charity .

The charity finds research too do with prevention ,diagnosis and the treatment you can use for the disease .Cancer research was first created on 4th February 2002 ,this charity was created by the cancer research campaign and imperial research fund .The research events take place in institutes ,universities and hospitals in the UK ,the hospitals fund normally come from the public .Money is raised by donations ,inheritances ,community representatives , events ,marketing and business corporations. It is estimated that more than 40’000 people volunteers. Type of businessIs the company local, national, international or global? BP oil and gas BP oil ; gas is an international company, the company has sold too 70 countries that are worldwide on the 31st December 2017, the company produces approximately 3.6 million barrels of oil per day. BP oil has 18’300 service stations around the world, this may make the company also global.

The company is a public limited company. The company’s business is in United Kingdom and United States. In the UK, the company BP has a property in Sunbury-on-Thames, the business has 3’500 employees and 50+ business venues. Another operation location for BP would be Aberdeen (Scotland). The trading functions of BP are Canada Square (20) and Canary Warf, the company has 3 research and progress Buildings. BP controls over 40 offshore oil and gas grounds. The business has used venture capital for north sea’s, they have devoted 35 billion for this business (north seas).

Also, BP has 1’200 service centres in UK. On the other hand, United states cover approximately one third of the company BP, the company that is located in the united states focuses more on the employee’s safety and venture capitals. They normally hire 14’000 employees each year. The company BP in the US is owned by the company BP America, this company is located in Houston, Texas. The BP which is in Houston, Texas focus mainly on examination and production such as the gulf activities of Mexico. The BP company in North America offers petroleum sanitising services, transportation fuel, heat and light energy, and petrochemical products. The North American BP are fixated on the investigation, progress, manufacture, refining, and marketing of oil and natural gas, they are the benefactors of natural gas, power, and risk management services to the industry. BP controls whiting refinery in Indiana, Cherry Point Refinery in Washington and Toledo Refinery in Ohio.

Also, the BP in Egypt, creates 15% of the countries complete amount of oil creation and 40% of internal gas. The company has the gas progress centres in the East Nile Delta Mediterranean, and in the West Nile Delta. The BP company in Egypt has a combined investment of 9 million with the RWE. Cancer research The charity cancer research is global, the charity runs in England, Wales, Isle of Man, Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Southampton, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

In Cambridge the researchers are finding new faulty genes in cancer, on the other hand in Cardiff the researcher Ann Ager is giving cancer cells a boost by helping them by giving small doses of medication. Also, in London the researchers are discovering reasons for breast cancer and using examples of the immune system too kill of cancer cells in a child’s body. Cancer research are global because then they can help every single person in need if they are in every area, this also may benefit them since they can increase their funds from the public as they have good service. In London Cancer research spent more than 129 million on the funding’s of cancer research in this area on the discoveries of prevention of cancer and the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This research in London takes place at Francis Crick Institute, this is where most of the funding is used. There are four cancer research centres located in Research UK Centres at Bart’s, Imperial, the Institute of Cancer Research and UCLIs the company in the private, public, not for profit or voluntary sector? BP OIL AND GAS BP is a public limited company, this may be best for BP as the company BP will be increasing capital for development through the marketing of shares ,this may benefit the company as the company can expand the locations of their business which will bring much more profit into the business .

Another advantage of having a public limited sector would be that BP will gain more recognition of the company ,since the type of sector has a higher status .Last of all BP may gain more employees ,as the companies use of PLC ensures that the employees have a full understanding of the prices of items and the company in general by using a list of supply exchange so the owners and employees can figure out the value of there share .However having a public limited company may also not benefit the company, as the official manger loses control and possession of the business ,which could cause the company BP to lose employees because of the confusion of whose the manager of the company .

The use of PLC could impact the business of BP could be that the company could lose their business if most of the shareholders join in the bid of the company, and the shareholder who is voted can take control of the company. CANCER RESEARCH Cancer Research is a public company, this would be best for the charity as they need the public to gain funds and donations from the public. The charity being in the public sector may help raise awareness for the charity, as with a public sector it is easier to expand the charity and build in different locations, as there is an unrestricted scope for the growth of a business.

Also, cancer research may benefit from having a public company because they may make a large profit from being public, as there is no limit too how many volunteers cancer research can have which will help increase the number of people who donate, since the customers will always have someone to support them .However having a public sector charity may have a major impact on the charity cancer research donators and funders because in a public company there is a confusion on the decisions when it comes too the charities future ,which could cause the charity too lose profit as the founders are founders are confused about whose the manager .Purpose What products or services does company supply?The company BP provides supplies such as fuel, heat and light. BP search and generate oil and gas on land and offshore, the company create and market fuels.

The business creates the fuels by using raw materials which come from deep seas to deserts, from clothes to trade, they discover and create oil and gases, fuels and lubricants, wind power and natural biofuels for a heathier an eco-friendly environment. The organisation provides services such as helping and understanding with customers’ needs and consequences, the purpose of the organisation is too transfer goods and services that will increase the worth of a business. BP offer fuel cards and credit cards an example of this would be (BP plus) for their customers. The company also have an education programme website for children to learn about science, geography and design and technology ( https://bpes.bp.

com/resources/list ) Cancer research Cancer research is a charity that provides services such as giving help too the ones with the deadly disease cancer, by trying too raise enough money by doing money raising activities such as a fundraiser. The service also has services such as to ensure that they are local in every area to raise awareness and also meet the needs of the customers. Last of all cancer research have services such as their websites where donations can be made by the public, which will help the charity be able too fund the cancer research team.What sector is the company in (primary, secondary or tertiary)? BP oil and gasThe sector that BP would belong in is the primary sector, since primary sector means when a company or business uses natural resources and raw materials. This makes BP belong in the primary sector, since the company uses materials too make gas and oil such as steel which boosts the power of the gas and oil, nickel is used too makes a prevention of corrosion when it is combined with the steel and stops the petrol from overheating, copper salts are used in the gas, Mercury is found in natural gas ,and titanium is used in oil and gas sectors.

Cancer research Cancer Research would belong to the tertiary sector because the tertiary sector means when the business that provides services too its public people, examples of this would be financial institutions, schools and restaurants. Cancer Research would be an example of this because the charity provides services too the people in need who have cancer and they do this by showing support for them ones in need by raising money and awareness so they can invest in new equipment to find cures for the disease.the aims and objectives of the company BP oil and gas The aims of BP would be too making sure that oil, renewables and gases last longer and become less expensive. Also, there aim is to increase gas and more safe oil in the upstream which is when the company discovers and creates crude oil and natural gas.

Another aim of BP would be offering and decrease carbon around numerous fronts. However, the main aim for BP would be too make sure the products the employees and customers sell or purchase are safe. Also, the company would also aim to make the sure the company has more reliable procedures in all their buildings and offer high class services and items that match up with the customers’ requirements.

The most important aims for the company would be too make sure the company’s salary grows in price by 1.5 billion a year Cancer research The aims for cancer research would be too raise awareness and money for the charity too help find the cure for cancer .Also another aim for cancer research would be too find the new cure for cancer and discovering new medicines .However there latest aim would be too let people know about the symptoms of cancer and inform the people about the disease .Last of all the main aim would be too raise enough money for the charity too research and the key too prevent cancer before it kills anyone else .Objectives of the company BP oil and gas The objective of BP would be increasing the manufacturing of the products needed in the company, also the company’s objective is to supply the best services to customers and too have enough supplies of high-class oil. However, the main objective of the business BP would be to be a well-known good quality oil or gas.Cancer research The objective for cancer research would be too prevent or bring down the rates the publics dangers of catching cancer or the development of cancer.

Also, another objective would be too cure cancer at an earlier stage and create a new cure too save many lives. Last of objectives of cancer research would be too make the cancer treatments more professional so the cancer won’t come back.Ownership What type of business ownership is the business? BP oil and gas A Sole trading business is when a company only has one owner and is created by the person on their own, the person in charge is normally entitled too employ other people to build their business up. BP is an example company of sole trade; the company’s main owner is John Browne who owns most gas and oil companies. Cancer research Cancer research is a public limited company, as the charity is not owned by an individual person, it is owned by the government.Advantages and disadvantages of sole trade for the company The use of sole trade for the company would benefit the company BP, as with sole trading the company can have full control over the business and what they do too keep the business going on, this would be good for BP as they are entitled too do anything too make their company worldwide and gain more profit.

Also, BP may benefit from sole trade as the company won’t have to share their profit which would help them manage their business easier because they will be able too pay too run the business without having too worry about becoming bankrupt. Sole trade would be more suitable for the company BP because the companies information is private ,which would ensure that the company wont have too deal with losing customers ,as another oil and gas company could use there ideas or steal the products that they use .Last of all the company may gain profit from being a sole trade company ,because the company is a sole trade company so BP don’t have too discuss any decisions with someone else so customers’ needs and problems are sorted out straight away ,this brings more customers into the business , since they have good service record . However Sole Trade may cause the company to lose profit, as the owner of the company BP may struggle with finance, as they find it difficult too gain loads of profit too pay for the business to keep the business running properly, which may impact the business too not be fundable enough too expand globally.

Also, this type of ownership may impact the amount of employees the company has, since the employees don’t get a say when it comes too making decisions to improve the business .The company also may lose customers through the use of sole trade because the company have too charge higher prices for there products ,when they are meant to be cheaper for customers, this may cause loss of customers and profit ,as the customers may find a oil and gas company that sells the same oil and gas for a cheaper price .Last of all Sole Trade ,may not benefit the company BP because the level of liability for the owner is high ,this will cause the company too possibly go bankrupt ,as if an incident occurs the owner will be blamed and could be sued ,this will leave the company’s employees too lose there jobs and become unemployed .

Cancer research The use of public limited company would benefit the charity, as the charity will get more awareness, since it brings up the rates of capital through society’s issues of shares. Also, another advantage of this type of ownership would be that it would give the charity a good reputation and this would give them the confidence too raise the funds that they need for research .On the other hand the ownership PLC would impact the business in a good way because it will attract more people in the public too donate, as the PLC brings more new employees in ,this would bring new ideas and techniques in the company. Last of the type of ownership would benefit the charity, as the charity will be let off their debt if they have a good stock exchange and the charity could gain loads of money.

On the other hand, PLC may not benefit the charity cancer research could lose the money that they raised for the charity because the use of this of this ownership is expensive and could cause them too spend all of there funding money .On the other hand the decisions are slow, and the charity could lose money by the time they decide the charities future .The charity could lose their business overall ,as with public limited company their business could be taken over if someone pays enough towards the shares.Type of liabilityBP oil and gasBP type of liability is a limited liability, this is when an owner of a company is in charge of a fixed amount of money ,this mostly relates to the worth of an investment in a company ,it means the owners debt is a limited amount .This would be risky for BP ,as they could become bankrupt if they go over the limit of the amount that is the fixed amount .This type of liability may benefit the business BP ,as this increases the chance of the capital too buy shares ,which brings down the rates and risks of failure in finance when the owner fails too meet the permitted requirements .Also limited liability would benefit a company because it helps increase the companies wealth which could help keep the business running .Last of all the use of this liability could help bring in new ideas ,as there is no limit to how may owners there can be .

However, this may have a bad impact on the company BP because this could effect where the company builds their new business building, some countries may not allow the company to use this process in their area. Last of all this could cause the credibility too decrease in rate, as other different companies don’t see them as successful companies.Cancer research Cancer research is a limited liability ,this is when the charity have a person in charge but it is none of the employees or volunteers that work there .This would benefit the charity as the charity can do anything too get people too raise money ,as the charity doesn’t have a person in charge .Also Cancer research could benefit from this type of liability , as the charity could gain loads of new volunteers ,as there is no limit too how many people can join. On the other hand, limited liability may affect the money that the charity get towards cancer because the charity have to pay money to keep themselves self employed


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