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Last updated: April 17, 2019

The BT Group is organised into several separate divisions, under the structure there are six lines of business, two serve as consumers, two focus on the business and public sector and two provide wholesale services to other companies in the industry each division has its own CEO. The lines of business are:Consumer: The main retail division in the BT Group this division provides retail telecom services to customers throughout the UK and is currently the largest provider. The division offers several products (See appendix 2) Its CEO is currently Marc AlleraEE- A mobile network operator which provides mobile and fixed communications services to consumers in the UK, it was purchased by the BT Group in February 2015 for £12.5 billion combining the customers of the two companies. EE also has the contract to provide 4G data services and applications to the emergency services. Its CEO is also Marc Allera.

Business and public sector- This division provides retail telecommunications and IT services to businesses of any size along with the public sector throughout the UK and Ireland it will be made from existing BT business consumers alongside EEs business division offering a large number of products (see appendix 2) Its CEO is currently Mark Sutherland.Global- this provides telecoms and IT services to nationals it will focus on serving major public and private sector customers outside the UK. In 2006 Global services agreed to a £!00 million worldwide deal to provide communication and IT services to PepsiCo. The CEO is currently Bas Burger.Wholesale and Ventures- this division provides products and services to other communications providers currently suppling more than 1,400. The current CEO is Gerry McQuade

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