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Last updated: April 4, 2019

The book is to be much-admired for its treatment, and in some ways it makes a good introduction to contemporary study of Qohelet.

A fundamental weakness of the book is a pick ‘n’ blend way to approach to exegesis: Fuhr tends not to participate in detail himself with the many troublesome terms of the texts in the book, but to assessment the solutions on offer and select those that seem more possible: in areas like question of authorship or the idea of an afterlife, does not make any endeavour to analyse the proof, but rather just records names and perspectives. Obviously, no interpretation is authenticated essentially by the way that somebody has proposed it previously, particularly when that someone has offered no contention themselves. It is my hope that a subsequent edition will give more space to this area.Another commendable part of Fuhr monograph is his refusal to permit any tampering of Qohelet message.

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The unorthodox character of the book is its worth. Attempts to “christianize” the book by questionable translations have failed. The ambiguities, uncertainties and inabilities which characterize our lives have a place in the life of faith, and Fuhr rigorous presentation of Qohelet’s prominent motifs is to be applauded.


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