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Last updated: April 18, 2019

The Biography Of Donald TrumpDonald J.

Trump was born in June 14th, 1946 in New York. He is the fourth child of 5 siblings but, he now has 3 siblings due to his oldest brother dying from alcoholism. Trump graduated at Wharton University of Pennsylvania where he studied economics. Donald worked in the real estate industry with his father and then into the hotel industry where he made most of his money. Donald Trump faced many obstacles like lawsuits of racism and bankruptcies but, when the show “The Apprentice” came around he hosted it and became a well known billionaire again. His lawsuits were because the were discriminating against African-Americans who wanted to apply to live at his estates.

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Donald began enjoying politics in 2011 and wanted to learn more. He then officially tried running for president in 2015 and his goal was to protect American jobs and industries. Trump took the office in January 20th, 2017 and is very dedicated to building the wall between the U.S.

and Mexico.


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