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Last updated: October 8, 2019

The benefits of smartphone in businessAs well as in social life, there is a lot to be said about smartphones in the sphere of business. This is probably another undeniable “promotion” for smartphones due to the colossal magnitude of desired outcomes they bring.Since businesses can not flourish and prosper without partners either from abroad or local industry, the need for interconnection becomes the ultimate, which can be supported by, again, greatest hand-held discovery – smartphones. They allow us to track down foreign partners via social networking sites and make extended-period business contracts. Although it is possible to handle these deals through PCs, smartphones would be a better option to go for, since they are convenient, self-explanatory and hand-reach. Another advantage is the availability to work remotely, that is to say, being connected to the main data basis employees can work both from home and away from the office. Scheduling meetings becomes easier because employees would not be tied to a computer desk. So, they can conduct teleconferences via a cell phone while they are travelling or away from work.

This, in its turn, also lets pregnant staff or female employees perform a balancing act between their jobs and their private lives that lead to increased productivity. Talking about productivity, it is notable to state that Samsung recently teamed up with Frost&Sullivan to survey 500 managers and executives working at companies and government organizations in the U.S.A to learn more about their use of smartphones in the workplace. They concluded that using smartphones to get work done, employees gain nearly an hour (58 mins) of work time each day and nearly an hour (58 mins) of personal time each day on average with an estimated productivity increase of a whopping 34%. There are special apps designed for business purposes such VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) with which one can make phone and video calls, send audio messages and files when connected to the net. Compared with the figures measured in 2011, the use of mandated apps for smartphones has nearly doubled (51%). These electronic apps are mainly used by the majority of employees in the financial services, healthcare and transportation industries.

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Thus, they are becoming a primary business and productivity tool.Finally, smartphones can successfully be utilized for improving customer services. These include remaining in contact with the customers and suppliers or making arrangements for product deliveries on the phone. Providing all the necessary customer demands is essential to keep business sustainable, as today consumer society tends to be skeptical, thus, analyzing products and services that meet up their expectations. For example, if a client needs a proposal as soon as possible and you have already left the office for the day, you can still upload and send the document from your cell phone.

As mentioned above, these were some of the apparent-to-all benefits of cell phones in business, but the list of the advantages goes on and on. Since with people and companies becoming increasingly connected, cell phones allow us to perform job duties whenever and wherever we might find ourselves and, hence, by being easily accessible, we can grow our business.


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