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Last updated: January 27, 2019

The basis of any archaic religion is the cult of ancestors and ancestors.

In addition to people, the ancestors are gods, the demiurges, who arranged this world. Therefore, the cult of deified ancestors and the cult of creators are always present in any religion. The example of Egypt is fully confirmed. Thus, the royal tradition originates from the cult of the gods, which, it was believed, ruled Egypt at the time of the beginning. Hence the role of man: he is obliged to honor the gods, honor his ancestors, make sacrifices – this is the basis of all ancient worship.

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The main god who created the whole world was simultaneously the first king. This was reflected in the rituals of the coronation, when the sovereigns take the kingdom from the gods, they inherit the dignity, are endowed with the appropriate attributes, and in some ways change their personality: the one who takes the kingdom becomes involved in the world of the gods. So, we know that the pharaoh, performing his duties, separates himself from the surrounding world, he is behind a holy veil, a curtain. The only person who can enter into direct communication with him is the Vizier, literally “one who is in the veil”. He talks, receives instructions from the king through this veil. If a person accidentally touched the king, he should be removed from this state as soon as possible, because a divine power can pass to a person.What is this power? The first god who created this world was the accumulator of life force, which is called “ka”.

“Ka” is an analog of mana for the Polynesians, something that gives the ruling king divinity. This power passes him from the demiurge who created this world. The king in the coronation is endowed with this mana, which surpasses the life force of any other person. This mana he can use for good deeds, and against enemies.Rituals and holy placesRituals are an integral part of the religious consciousness of Egypt. These are important practical manifestations of religion, which make clear distinctions between Muslims and Christians.

Egyptians celebrate the ceremony of naming the baby on the name within a week.It is a mixture of Islamic and Coptic “traditional” elements, and this is basically a family holiday, which is organized to include a newborn in the family. All boys are circumcised, usually in infancy, and girls, as a rule, are also “circumcised” before they reach puberty.Although the shape of the female genitalia varies, polls show that about 97 percent of Egyptian women, both Christians and Muslims, are not circumcised. Marriage is one of the main directions of Egyptian culture. For Muslims, this is considered a contract, the signing of which later entails a major family celebration. For Christians, the sacrament takes place in the church, as a rule, it follows the same day on a family celebration.


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