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Last updated: February 22, 2019

The author managed to craft a very meaningful and interesting story. Unlike many other books that I have read, which shared the same genre, this book talked more depth and managed to cease my attention at several places. I especially admired the complexity of the character; Haris Shah. He caught my interest at the very point when I found out how he had been lost in a world of his own, and made him a subject to my curiosity. Developing curiosity is a crucial part which was achieved exceptionally by someone, who, to my surprise was writing for the first time.

Being a girl raised within the perimeters of culture I deeply admired the strength of Sarah, and the battles she fought not only with the world she lived in but with her fate at the same time. Acceptance of tragedy at a very young age and building your path out of it is not a very easy task but if looked upon with the strength the character possessed, it can certainly be made easier. One other aspect of Sarah which was admirable was the refusal to put the blame of the unfortunate events on the shoulders of her parents. She loved and respected them even when she could possibly hate them. The book highlighted some of life’s greatest lessons; if you have money accompanied with massive success it does not necessarily mean that happiness and contentment is a inevitable in your life. Life is always empty without love and family.

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Secondly, honesty and loyalty should never be ignored in exchange of something else . They form the foundation of a good character held within. Sooner or later good character pays off and that too in a good way.


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