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Last updated: February 12, 2019

The assignment is going to focus on one of the ten paradox of technology given by Andrew Feenberg in his paper Ten paradoxes of technology which is The Paradox of Complexity. In this paper the author was trying to explain that we often make errors of having the conception that things are separate from each other and from us when yet the reality is that technology belong to an interconnected network and cannot exist independently.

Technologies adopted in another world and become successful can be a cause of disruption in another world, therefore this paradox focus on decontextualizing and recontextualizing of technologies so that when technologies are transferred or adopted in a different place, they should be innovated to suit the current place and the environment where they are adopted. However, there was also an argument that recontextualization is not always completely successful. The following essay is going to show a case study of what happens if certain measures are not met when adopting a certain technology. In this case it’s the failure of the waste to energy incineration plant in Delhi.

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