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Last updated: April 6, 2019

The article “Enhanced flu jab to save ‘hundreds of lives'” is about a new flu jab in England that can save many elderly lives.

The flu has been proven to be far more dangerous in old age. The effectiveness of the flu jabs declines as people get older because but as you get older it get harder and harder for your body to fight the virus off, that’s why doctors have decided to enhance the vaccine. The new vaccine is designed to help aged immune systems fight off the flu virus. Public Health England hopes the vaccine will lead to 30,000 less GP appointments, 2,000 fewer people needing hospital care, and 700 less deaths from the flu. Prof Paul Cosford, from Public Health England, told the BBC: “This looks like it is going to be is a significant improvement and quite a step in our battle against flu each winter.

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” This year 24 million people in England will be offered the flu vaccine, that’s 3 million more than last winter. This vaccine could be the new life saver. This article was front page news on BBC News in England. The article had about five or more quotes used in this article. In my opinion the quotes were the best part. It was great to have actual representation of the doctors’ opinions and reasons for making the new vaccine.

There were quotes from three of the doctors who have worked on and tested the new vaccine. They gave a lot of statistics about the new flu jab and why them recommend getting the shot. This is a great article to be on the front page because of its proximity, timeliness, consequence, and impact. According to the results of a survey my friends and I made about the news, we found that most people tend to keep up with local news more than anything else, this is why proximity is a key factor to why this article made the front page.

For example, someone in the United States might not care to read about what’s going on in England because it doesn’t really affect them in any way. But, on the other hand that might be all the folks that live in England can talk about because it’s local to them. In my opinion another reason why this article made the front page is because of its timeliness.

Personally when I read the news I want to read about what is happening now, not what was happening one week ago, or a month ago, etc. So the fact that this article was just posted makes it a great choice for front page news because it’s something know one already knows about; it’s new information. Consequence is another factor that makes this a good article. When people read this article they can get a better understanding about why (depending on their age) they may have gotten the flu even though they had already gotten a vaccine, or how this may help and prevent them from suffering from the symptoms and sickness of the flu.

Lastly, there is the impact the article has on the day-to-day person. In my opinion, if the article has no impact on anyone it would not make a good front page story. Reading this article may attract people to the idea of this new vaccine. The article gives great statistics and even some results about how this new vaccine can and will help more and more people.

Half of the time people don’t understand or even care to ask why and/or how they were/are getting sick with the flu. This could be the eye opener that people didn’t even know they were looking for.


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