Topic: Art

Last updated: March 6, 2019

The art of healing has been practiced from the beginning of the age of men. From that point forward, through the process of trial and error, the understanding of human body and ways of treating it has changed beyond recognition. The ancient Greeks are considered the founders of modern medicine today. They were the first to apply the method of scientific analysis in human healing. Greek healers are of the same level as the doctors produced today from the fact that they depended on the possibility of rationale and thinking and this before long spread to different parts of the world, where a similar approach was considered to find particular solution to disease.

A specific persona at the Greek times known as Hippocrates was considered as the father of medicine and the founder of Hippocratic Oath. He was regarded as the greatest physician of his time. Doctors even today take this oath as they begin their medicinal vocation. A general question arises as to, why study ancient Greek medicine when people then were not familiar with blood circulation, germs and bacteria, antibiotics and anesthetics? Although we now have proper knowledge of the human anatomy and its treatments, the ancient Greeks can us to thoroughly consider various points that are as yet applicable today.

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