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Last updated: December 19, 2019

The argument are on a four wheelers and dirt bike. Well from my prospective a four wheeler is more safer than a dirt bike but this is why i am doing a argument on which one is better. The cost will be added in this argument. Which one of them is faster. Which one is more reliably and many more!! But a four wheeler is better to me. Let hop into it!!!!

Well Atv are more safer than a dirt bike because a Atv has 4 wheels and a dirt bike has two. The dirt bike is more shaky and can easily fall of. A four wheeler may be a little faster just because it has more wheels than a dirt bike. Riders on dirt bikes can easily break a bone. You can get thrown off at any time if you are not use to riding it. They don’t come with a helmet you have to buy it and YOU WILL NEED IT!!! Now the speed and different types are very difficult. But if you are a expert this shall be no problem.

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2018 Yamaha 450r is one of the fastest four wheel is the world. Its really big and sits up very high. The fastest dike bike is a Honda CRF250R. It’s not really that safe to ride one unless you have been riding a dirt bike for like 5 or more years. They are more ATV accidents then dirt bike thats because people that ride ATV then you can just do anything on them because it has four wheels. But either way both of them are very dangerous.

A four wheeler is more safer because you can control your speed and it stop more faster. Just don’t let neither one of them fall on you because you can die. Also you will need a helmet to keep your head safe and keep bugs from distracting you from what you are doing. You will need safety clothes so just in case you do fall you want get at hurt bad. Just be safe on which one you get because you could get hurt very bad.


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