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The ancient egyptians believe that walking under a ladder is bad luck. They believe a
leaning ladder forms a sacred triangle shape that you should never walk under. The egyptians
believe the triangle shape symbolizes there ancient pyramids and should always be respected. Some people question is it bad luck to walk under a ladder or is it just unsafe. People will even go so far to say walking under a ladder is equal to using God’s name in vain so walking under a ladder in some christians eyes is really bad luck. Walking under a ladder is not bad luck it is just unsafe. Some people believe in the superstition never walk under a ladder because it is a bad luck some people don’t, bad luck or good luck neither are real but everyone can agree that is isn’t smart to walk under a ladder because it is unsafe and common sense would tell you not to.

There are many theories about the walking under a ladder superstition and why it’s bad luck.
The Ancient Greek and the Christians both have their own beliefs why it is bad luck. They have some really convincing theories about it and list some very interesting details about it also. The Christians and the Ancient Greek both have nearly the same thought about it they both believe that

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a leaning ladder forms the shape of a triangle. The triangle for the Greek’s and the Christian’s both have different meanings but they both are supposed to lead to bad luck if the the superstition is broken. The Ancient Greeks believe that a leaning ladder forms the triangle like their pyramids But the Christian’s believe it forms the Holy Trinity triangle and when you walk through it you break the triangle breaking the triangle attracts the devil. When you break the Holy Trinity Triangle you are disrespecting the Christian culture in a very big way, walking through the triangle is very disrespectful to the Greek’s also. Although there are many superstitions and living life feels like your navigating a forest of dangers the Christians and the Ancient Greeks were very strong in their beliefs. Christian’s and Greeks were very strong in their beliefs but that doesn’t change the fact that walking under a ladder is just unsafe. Walking under a ladder puts you and the person on it in serious danger. ” If a ladder is up, chances are someone is standing on it, working, and you dont want to take the chance of something falling on your head” ( ) Greeks and christians aren’t the only ones that believe the leaning ladder is unlucky, there are many theories about the leaning ladder. People also say that a ladder against a wall resembles a gallows, They used to prop the ladders up so the person was getting hung could reach the rope. “Others believe that a ladder against a wall resembles a gallows. Ladders used to be propped up to allow the person person being hanged to climb high enough to get to the rope”. ( ) The Egyptians also have their own beliefs about the ladder, Egyptians believe that if you walk under a ladder you

might accidently see a God climbing up or down. People also believe there is ways out of the bad luck there are multiple ways they claim to reverse the bad luck. One way that is claimed to reverse the bad luck is when you under the ladder walk backwards through the ladder again it is supposed to reverse the bad luck. When you walk under or ladder you are also supposed to say “bread and butter” or bad luck is supposed to come to you. People claim so many different ways to reverse the bad luck there is even one so crazy they say you have to cross your fingers until you see a dog or you will be cursed with bad luck.

The history of the don’t walk under a ladder superstition goes a long ways back it even goes back 5,000 years and that’s very impressive, it is very known superstition and has been believed by some a very long time. The ladder superstition originated from the Egyptians thousands of years ago. The Egyptians have had the belief you get bad luck from walking under a ladder for a very a long time. The Ancient Egyptians priests placed ladders in the tombs so the dead can ascend upwards if the wanted to. “Back in ancient egypt, priests placed ladders in the tombs for dead people, so if they wanted they might have decided to ascend upward” ( Egyptians claim that the space between the wall and the ladder is the “space of the spirits” the triangle is known to be sacred to the Egyptians and is known to be a place of rest for spirits. The Egyptians have there ways of warding off the bad luck they say you are supposed to place there thumb between there index and middle finger to keep evil away.
Although it is almost always claimed to be bad luck if you walk under a ladder if you are forced against your will to walk under the ladder you will receive something you wished for. People may not believe that ladders are bad luck but they are still very dangerous over a course of fifthteen years ladders have sent millions of people to the hospital. “According to the study of American journal of Preventative Medicine, there was 2.1 million of people sent to hospital because of ladders in years between 1990 and 2005.” (
With all the accidents involving ladders it makes you wonder is it just a coincidence or is it the “Bad Luck” causing all the accidents.

Walking under a ladder is dangerous and also well known for causing bad luck although walking under a ladder is supposed to cause bad luck it also causes a lot of injuries and sometimes there fatal. Walking under a ladder can cause injuries to you or the person that’s on the ladder. Not only can an object or tool fall off the ladder the person on the ladder could possibly fall which would be very bad and could be fatal.
Ladders are a very common part of many work cites, some peoples jobs cause them to have to use ladders everyday. Falls remain a leading cause of fatalities and ladders make up a large percentile of that. Ladders are very dangerous if not used properly and can cause serious injury or death, it is said that forty three percent of fatal falls in the last decade were due to ladders. ” Falls remain a leading cause of unintentional injury mortality nationwide, and 43% of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder ” (
Ladders play a big role in some people’s everyday life a lot of jobs use ladders, if you use a ladder respectfully and cautiously there should be no problems, although accidents can still occur 81% of construction worker falls were due to ladders. ” among construction workers, an estimated 81% of fall injuries treated in the U.S emergency departments involve a ladder. ” (
Thousands of people are involved in Ladder accidents every year and they are sometimes fatal. According to the academy of Orthopedic Surgeons 500,000 people fell because of ladders and 300 of the falls were fatal. “According the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, every year 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related injuries and approximately 300 of these incidents prove to be fatal.” ( In just one year 400 people died due to falling from a ladder.


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