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Last updated: April 12, 2019

The advantages of low minimum wage BangladeshThe next advantages of low minimum wage in Bangladesh is to guarantee worker’s wages. When the unemployment rate in the society is high, workers face the threat of layoffs and wage reductions. Without the ability to negotiate, employers may take the opportunity to lower the wages of workers.

This will cause the workers income become lesser and lesser and the unemployment rate will become higher. With a low minimum wage, low-income people can earn a salary that meets their basic needs. Some of the workers without a specific skill knowledge they maybe work in the industry or low-level positions in the company. In addition, their income will slightly lower than the people who have the specific skill knowledge and high-level positions. When Bangladesh have low minimum wage the employers may not simply reduce the worker’s wages. The worker wages may also be guaranteed. Furthermore, the people who aren’t homeless and they have enough to eat in Bangladesh they will more productive and performance better. They will have more morale to work when they know that the low minimum wage is to guarantee their income and their salary may not simply adjust or reduce by their employers.

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