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Last updated: April 21, 2019

The abortion process is one I’m extremely grateful I never went through, and from the looks of it, would never wish it upon anyone. It is displayed as worse than many real-world murders. Society needs to be further educated and informed about the abortion process. Those who have any involvement in abortion, especially the abortionists providing these services, should be punished with assisted murder for obvious reasons.

It is not right to profit from the death of an innocent child. The fact that millions of babies have experienced this pain due to their own mother’s horrendous idea is a problem. No government, or person should approve of abortion, especially with it being done in such a fashion. The government is left with further problems post-abortion having to deal with the mother’s infection, bleeding, fever, and maybe even death.

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Abortion also increases the risk of various cancers including cervical and breast. Any future attempts to carry a baby will likely be met with a miscarriage or a premature birth. These after-effects are to be paid for by the citizens in the universal health care system. More doctors are being used when many situations could have been avoided in its entirety.


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