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Last updated: February 2, 2019

The ability on leadership may not enough to make a person leader. The people who want to be leader or influencer should reinforce their leadership with experiences and knowledge as well as their talents on leadership and influencing skills. Experiences and knowledge should come from education, human affairs and tasks to be carried out.
As an employee for state I can definitely say that I have key and important experiences because I have worked for 3 different ministries during my 11 years working life. I started working in 2007 for Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs as an engineer. While working for this Ministry, I could get chance to observe national veterinary medicines industry’s problems. One of the major problems of the industry for importing their products is to get Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) Certification. In those years the regulations of industry for veterinary medicines did not include GMP Certification. I informed the firms working on veterinary medicines about GMP. Some of the firms was aware of the importance of GMP because of my efforts, thanks to this they improved their technical knowledge and production technology. In 2010, I also prepared a project proposal to get technical aid from European Union, which was on preparing regulation and building institutional capacity for GMP Certification. The proposal was accepted providing that some amendments should be done.
In 2010, I applied vacancy for assistant labour inspector. I was accepted for that position and started working for Ministry of Labour and Social Security. My prior task for this job was to check working conditions of industrial businesses in terms of health and safety. Thanks to this job, I could closely examine the structure of national industry, labour force and it’s qualifications. After I am assigned as an labour inspector, I decided to study master degree on public administration to get theoretical knowledge regarding administration and how to use those knowledge for economic development of my country. In 2014, I was elected for public administration master program of Public Administration Institute for Turkey and Middle East (TODAIE) which is a founded in accordance with was technical assistance agreement signed between the Republic of Turkey and the United Nations in 1952. I studied and wrote a dissertation on economic growth and employment between 2014 AND 2016. The topic is Analysis of Relationship Between Economic Growth and Employment of Turkey In 2002-2014 Period.
In 2015, Ministry of Industry and Technology announced vacancy for Inspectors. I applied that vacancy and accepted. I consciously applied the vacancy because as an engineer after the experiences gotten regarding on structure of industry, employment policy and education studied regarding economic growth, social development and employee policies, I wanted to contribute to Turkey’s industry and technology policies by using background on economic development and growth, employment. As an inspector of Ministry of Industry and Technology I have a crucial position, since a part of my job is especially to detect the problems faced by industrial zones, research and development centers and hand over the reports including solution offers as well as detected problems to The Board of Inspectorate. The reports handed over to the Board are seriously taken into consideration.
To wrap up, I definetely believe that my personality, education and working background give me advantage to influence, to lead and to contribute to Turkey’s development policy. And in the future, as an potential candidate for decision maker, I will able to implement my leadership skills for improving …..


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