The 21st century is known as the technological era, where technology has become an integral part of our lives. On one hand machinery and technology creates easiness in life but on the other hand it brings a lot of chaos in the life. As the science and technology, budding faster and faster, the life style of a person becomes extra superficial, artificial and complicated. The one sign of this modern technological era is that life is overwhelmed by connecting with people through different networking sites like social media connection. This connection on one aspect brings much more connectivity among people of the world and makes the world a global village where socialism becomes much easier and faster, and faster but the very other aspect is that it brings more fakeness, materialistic tendencies and show off in the moods of current life styles.
In addition to ones judgment and activities that are devastatingly altering and espouse the exigent stance of the social networking sites. These sites or acquaintances bestow a glimmer to the veiled comatose needs of evaluation, reputation and admiration desires that are meant to be rewarded in the course of societal connectivity of technology. By means of forthcoming the tools of communal connectivity, today’s age bracket is occupied in receipt of being bonded and legendary via uploading snapshots of their own selves at the profiles of Instagram, Face book, twitter etc.; in assembling selfies of their self and their friends, of all stairs and jiffy of their lives. The unseen cataleptic pleasure in the course of this attitude is to execute the requirements of high regard, eminence, inadequacy or dominance complex, their devastating alarm about their corpse features, and comparison. That creates more chaos in the life with more complications, shallowness and challenging.


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