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Last updated: January 24, 2019

The 21 st century has been the main frame of digital and technical inventions.

Man had made somuch effort to invent such things, which has made his survival handy in the present era. One ofthese, were the invention of ‘Computers’. We can say that computers are vital part of our lives.No doubt, the advancement in the technology has made life so much easier but, it came with aprice. We rely so much on technology like computers even for simple tasks. I believe that it isnot the computer who make people isolated but it is the excessive use of it. And, use of computerbeyond normal limits cause many physical, psychological and health issues.Explanation:People of today’s society are of the opinion that computer is the blessing of modern science thatmake their lives more comfortable and handy.

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It is easy to use and can solve multiple functionsin seconds. I agree that computers are highly beneficial in the modern world of technology butwe can’t deny the fact that it is not any less in drawbacks.Technology like computer with access to social media sites can be a destructive combination fora person. It is an addiction. People usually like to spend most of their time on the computersurfing internet, using social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, which cost themmore than just time. People sitting next to each other would like to send an emoji on the socialmedia app than to express their feelings directly. Texting can never be as same as talking inperson because emotions can’t be captures in the words. It can cause miscommunication leadingtowards misunderstandings.

Professor Brian Primack, from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, said:”We are inherently social creatures, but modern life tends to compartmentalize us instead ofbringing us together,”As, humans are often termed as ‘social animals’, so the role social media plays greatly affectsperson-to-person interactions. Before evolution of social media, face-to-face interactions werenormal. But now they tend to use computers to communicate rather than to use their God giftedskills. Undoubtedly, the computers make people lonely and isolated. For instance, people can bestanding right next to each other without saying a word, because they can’t get their eyes off ofthe screen of pocket computers they hold in their hands.

They get so indulge in these things thatthey can’t get their minds off of the pictures, clips, statuses that other can post.Moreover, social media gives a platform where one can share about him whatever he wants. Onecan easily modify and exaggerate about him. It can create an illusion of real friendship, that inreal life not even close to the boundary of the demands that genuine friendship requires. A nightat home with 500 fictional friends can never be compared to an evening out with a real friend.

Just like that 50 texts a day can never be compared to 5 minutes of face-to-face, honestconversation.In 1998, Robert Kraut with his colleagues did experiments on ‘Internet Paradox’ and stated that”Greater use of Internet was associated with decline in the person’s communication with familyand friends and decline in the size of their social circle and increase in their depression andloneliness”.Kraut said:”A technology for online social contact, actually led to reduction of offline social ties.

“Above quote, states the very powerful reality about the online friendships. Usually people whobuild relations on mere an app, give more importance to the fake relations than real ones thatweakens the bond they have with the people present around them for real.Humans are psychologically build to meet and greet people. But, modern era has made aperson’s life limited. People living in the same house has no time to talk or greet each other.They don’t even know what’s going on around them with their family and relatives, because theyare living in an imaginary world making hundreds of friends on mere an app. They take nointerests in family issues and household tasks.

They would spend their whole day laying idly infront of their computer screens for texting, commenting, liking, posting on media apps likeFacebook. Relationships began to wither as they stop going to social gatherings, skip family get-togethers and stop visiting friends just to get more time to spend on computers. Studies showsthat almost 65% of Internet users donotspend time with friends and family.

Besides social media, the advanced operating system of computers has appealed the audience togreat extent. As, technology can never be stopped from progressing, the highly modified andprogressed system are in use. Gaming consoles like Play Stations (PS), Xbox have fascinatedthe crowd to incredible degree. Kids, teenagers even adults can’t get away with the charm ofvideo games. Many research analyses have shown that playing violent video games havedetrimental effects on kid’s behaviors, as they get aggressive so easily on minor things. The term’pathological gaming’ is being used for video gaming addiction.

Pathological gaming is likely todevelop anxiety, depression, insomnia and social isolation. This also affect their academicrecords. A survey has shown that 47% of addicted video game players got poor grades. Onemust be aware of the consequences of heavy usage of such things, so that these things don’tdestroy the chances he gets to improvise his life.”You don’t get another chance. Life is no Nintendo Game”(Eminem)Eminem says that life is not a video game where you can use an extra life or try again. You onlyget one life, so it matters how you spend it.

Almost every developed and under developed countries have access to internet. About one and ahalf century ago, people would gather and sit in groups and talk for hours about the things theynewly learnt and share that information with their fellows. These type of group meetings anddiscussions were considered to be the most valuable place where you can learn. But, since almostevery single bit of information about past and near future is present on the internet.

So, peopleprefer to surf the internet alone than to gather up the mates to have healthy discussions.People of this world seem to be comfortable in isolation. Spending excessive time in front ofcomputer cause people to lack interest in the real world and make a fake world of their own. Thisaffects their psychological and social skills.

This also reduce their communication skills, as theydon’t talk just type.”The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”(Bernard Shaw)Bernard Shaw, very beautifully narrated the main problem with communication. As, peoplecommunicate they usually thinks that have successfully delivered their message. But, sometimesit is not properly received by the person they were talking to. This type of misapprehension cancause misunderstandings.Childhood is the age where one learns and grow.

Computers did not left children out of this trapof obsession. They like to play games on computers all day alone than to play healthy gamesoutdoor, and talk to their friends, parent, siblings. This kind of addiction of computers forchildren is highly dangerous for their intellectual skills.

They would adapt to be alone than to befriendly, which cause them to lose their confidence and communication skills.The deficiency of communication skills in people made this world a place with no manners.People have no idea how to talk to their elders, how to address someone, how to deal with otherpeople, how to obey parents. I can see the complete loss of communication skills and manners incoming generations. We must work on our communication skills.As John Powell said:”Communication work for those who works at it.

“Communication is the part of our existence. It is a fundamental act, which help us to connectwith others. Technology rules the world of communication, and it is easy to get lost in it. Butcommunicating face-to-face helps to establish strong friendships and connections. We must buildour communication skills, so that we can live an effective life.Conclusion:Computers were not invented for people to get obsessed with, but to ease their lives.

But, theextreme and unnecessary use of computers, gaming consoles, social media have upset the naturalbalance of a person’s life. There are a number of things wrong with the usage of computers thatmust be taken under consideration. And one must use computer for some reason or purpose towork, not for entertainment only. One must try to keep his social life in balance.

In order to buildweak social relationships one must not lose physical relationships he already have. The thing isthat relationships can never be replaced with technology.


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