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Last updated: December 9, 2019

Tentative Title. A Close Examination of the Impact of Environmental Regulations on the United States Economy Motivation.

I am primarily motivated by my interest in how environmental regulations impact the economy in the United States, and whether the assertion that environmental regulations hinder the United States economy is true. This topic is related to the field of economics, as regulations have the ability to seriously impact a nation-state’s economy. Research suggests that environmental regulations result in a reduction of productivity and employment by a small percentage. This is most relevant in energy and pollution intensive sectors. Environmental regulations are also thought to reduce a country’s competitiveness on the international stage. Furthermore, environmental regulations have large implications for society as a whole.

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In fact, environmental regulations can facilitate a cleaner environment, better living conditions, as well as better working conditions. Without environmental regulations, it is unclear if businesses would continue to adhere to the policies, including those that result in less pollution to the air, water, land, and overall environment. Importantly, environmental regulations have the ability to seriously influence the quality of life for the population where they are enforced, thus demonstrating that they have great implications for society as a whole. Rough Overview. Environmental regulation is one of the most prominent topics in the field of economics. This is because they have a large influence on a country’s economy. For example, some businesses are unable to thrive in countries that have strict and complicated environmental regulations.

This may decrease the country’s competitiveness, as other countries may not have and enforce such strict regulations. Additionally, environmental regulations may make businesses more costly and difficult to run. This can also have a negative impact on a country’s economy. Throughout this essay, the United States will be used as a case study to determine the influence of environmental regulations on the economy. Interestingly, some believe that environmental regulations help to bolster the country’s economy, while others contend that environmental regulations result in fewer jobs and a slow-growing economy. Through research, it is the purpose of this essay to determine the actual impact of environmental regulations on the United States economy.

My Original Contribution. It is my hypothesis that environmental regulations have an adverse impact on the economy in the United States. This is most evident in recent decades where businesses have had to move their practices overseas to avoid intensive regulations.

The current presidential administration has also started to cut back on regulations, and the economy seems to be improving significantly as a result. Thus, I would like to conduct research to determine if environmental regulations facilitate a poor economy in the United States, and conversely that the reduction of environmental regulations would result in a thriving economy. Methodology. This project will take the form of a literature review. Secondary data sources will be collected. The analysis will be theoretical in its approach. Scholarly sources will be collected and analyzed to best understand this topic.

This methodology will prove to be efficacious in determining the influence of environmental regulations on the United States economy.


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