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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Tens of thousand people are left hungry and dirty by badle trained careers who are supposed to let the service users be more independent in their own homes.This is because of the failing care system that Britain is giving.A lack of care means that more than a quarter of the individuals are not able to eat,get dressed and even go to the toilet when they need it.Sometimes the service users needs are not taken in consideration and are even ignore or the careers refuse to give them the right care.Currently 1.2 million of disabled people are not getting the care they need and this figure has increased rapidly from 2010.A service user has responded in a questionnaire that: “i haven’t been washed for over two months and my bedroom floor has been vacuumed once in three years.”There have been many other cases of people complaining of the bad care that they have been receiving from careers.A good practitioner of health and social care need to be patient with all the vulnerable people and be extremely nice and polite to them.also listen to everything they have to say and fulfill any need they have.But the careers are not behaving in an excellent manner towards the service users and because of this ,the vulnerable people are getting hurt and sad and think of themself as a burden to others which can have a bad effect on their health and wellbeing.for a service user to live a healthy happy life is very important that they receive the best care possible from the careers.


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