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Last updated: July 20, 2019

Teen pregnancy is one of the most pressing issues that affect the society. The causes for teen pregnancy and the consequential effects are in abundance. Teen pregnancy is mostly strong due to the lack of education and knowledge of safe sex practices.

A lack of awareness is also associated with this cause. The pregnancy is thousand among the females between 15 to 17 years. Unfortunately, unprotected sex is the top reason for pregnancies occurring. Teens should be educated with this especially those who are sexually active. Most females was born into teenage mothers, therefore, that has an effect on teens getting pregnant at a young age. Lack of communication between a mother and her daughter is the main cause and their relationship is either too weak or to close.

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Weak relationship between parents and their child tends to be lack of discipline , love and affection also control. Strong relationship tends to be overbearing parents. Social media plays a big part on teen pregnancy and is becoming a trend. I think that the government should look into it , look more at the teens who are sexually active , if not then the teen pregnancy would increase more. The government should look in to resolve this issue.


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