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Last updated: April 4, 2019

Technology is incorporated into most of our daily activities from making a cup of coffee to using mobile phone that can surf the web and send messages.

Technology helps people live better and easier, before people used letter for their communication but because of the modern technology nowadays people use cell phone, tablets, computers and other gadget in terms of communication and other purposes. It is no surprise then that the use of technology occurs in the classroom. In the present generation, students are obsessed in using gadget. They usually want to buy a new release gadget to satisfy their desire, as a result students tend to involve gadget in their everyday life including their studies. Students use more time using gadget than studying their lesson that affects their academic performance. Some believe that the use of gadget in the classroom plays integral role of the student’s success in the future, but I believe that using gadget during class hour is distracting students from their potential of learning. These devices are being used in hopes of enhancing students’ overall educational performance; students are using devices for activities such as answering questions, examining visualizations, note taking, researching, and communicating (e.

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g., email) (“Integrating Tech in High School,” 2012). Although the intended purposes of these devices are to improve educational experiences for the student, there have also been negative consequences from the introduction of modern technology in the classroom (Junco, 2012). Alarmingly, research shows that even students in proximity to other students using this technology are more likely to perform poorer in the classroom, even when they were not personally using technology (Sana, Weston, & Cepeda, 2013).


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