Topic: Diet & Nutrition

Last updated: April 12, 2019

Technology has revolutionised the way the world works, not only can it entertain; it can solve problems, such as food shortages. Genetically modified food, first introduced in 1994, is a way that allows food to unripe less and therefore us humans can preserve more food rather than dispose as well as this genetically modified food can stop us having food shortages because there is more food to share.

The process of this unique idea is that the seeds of many fruits or vegetables are distributed to laboratories. The scientists will then add or remove different genes or DNA, creating thousands of GMO (genetically modified organisms), in order to fix a problem (like the food being unripe) or to add a solution (like adding a sweetened taste). However, even though GMO may seem a great solution, many people worldwide believe that they are unhealthy and would rather consume organic foods (food that are not genetically modified). In the United States of America there has been huge controversy as food items that contain GMO are not labelled (which can cause problems for people on a diet due to health problems), whereas the EU, Great Britain, Japan and Australia have banned it and over twenty other countries recognising that there could be disastrous consequences, if GMO are not tested properly.I think GMO are a good use because people can preserve food, rather than dispose as well as this it has saved many communities having food shortages.

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Although, there could be side effects, there have not been many cases worldwide and no deaths due to genetically modified organisms.


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