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Last updated: March 13, 2019

TASK 1In today’s world everyone is connected to one another. We are interdependent on each other. This is why it is very important for modern world managers to have a global mind set. Globalisation refers to processes of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture CITATION Sam14 l 2057 (Barakat, 2014).Global leaders should be aware of the cultures across different countries. They should be ready for any challenges that may come their way when trading in the global market.

This will help managers to develop their product or service in the best possible way. Many companies around the world today use outsourcing as part of their production process. Outsourcing means handing out a part of the production process to a third-party Outsourcing helps you to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Moreover, handing out a part of the production process to someone else also helps you to save time. Such an example could be Apple Company. Certain parts of their iPhones are manufactured in China. Then these are brought back to America and assembled together. Not only Apple, but other companies like Nokia, Amazon also outsource to different countries.

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However, outsourcing could sometimes backfire as the quality or standard of the product produced may not meet the expectations of the company.Another reason why a global mind set is important to a modern manager is due to diversity. This means there are people out there in the workplace who have different skills and characteristics. This could also be divided into gender, religion, and etc. people with different views from different parts of the world are under one roof.

This means there are more innovative ideas. In addition, the employees will be willing to do anything because they would feel, they are respected and they have a high value in the companies’ eye regardless of your gender, religion, age etc. Having a global mind set allows managers to organise the business in a way that it would be able to compete in the global market rather than locally. Knowing about diversity, outsourcing allows the manager to develop a global mind set which helps the manager to develop the skills needed to compete globally rather than locally.TASK 2In order to be a successful manager I need to have certain skills in me.

From this degree programme I’m seeking to learn and develop the skills lacking so I can use them in the future.A personal SWOT analysis was conducted in order to identify my skills. With the result I found that the first skill I need to develop is improve my skills to work with others. I believe that team work is a very important factor in the workplace. In this degree programme, everyone has to do a group presentation in one of the modules. I think this is a great opportunity for me to get a better understanding of teamwork and learn how to work as a team targeting the same goal. Moreover, I believe that my involvement in sports such as football will also help me to achieve this skill.

In football, if you want to win, teamwork is the most important thing. Because one person alone cannot win you games. Everyone’s effort as a team leads to a win.

So playing football is also one way I could develop this skill. Another skill I seek to develop through my degree programme is public speaking .This skill is also important if I am to be a future manager. A manager needs to be able to present in front of his workers, he need s to present the plan and have to sometimes talk in front of big audiences on behalf of the company.

I can develop this skill through the presentation we are doing. Talking and presenting in front of my colleagues would help me to gain confidence and help me to gain confidence and help me to know what areas I need to improve. In addition, another skill I can develop is good organisation.

A manager needs to plan before hand, then organise and follow it. I need to do many assignments in this degree. So to do the assignments, I need to plan first about what and what not to write. Then I should distribute my time between assignments. Every assignment is different, so I need to schedule and organise my work. This would give me experience in how to manage and organise things effectively.

These are the main skills I am looking to develop through this degree programme. These are some Important skills which I need improvement in. TASK 3Ethics or being ethical means the moral principles that are followed. It is knowing what is wright and what is wrong. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the role that you or your company has towards the society or environment CITATION Paute1 l 2057 (Bennet, No Date).To ensure their practice is ethical future managers should first make sure that certain guidelines and policies are followed inside the organisation.

But before that, the manager himself should be someone who is ethical. This would lead to employees following their managers as a role model and maintain the values and guidelines of the organisation. Also employees who follow the ethical guidelines could be rewarded as an inspiration for other employees. Another way managers could make sure their practice is ethical is by having full knowledge of what you are doing. For example, a company may approach you to approve a new building. But you are not sure whether this would bring any harm to the environment or public. In this case, if you do not have the perfect knowledge, you could make an unethical decision.

This is why it is important to have full knowledge about everything you do.Being aware about ethics and CSR is very important for future managers. Firstly due to the fact that nowadays, it is difficult to get workers if your company is not following ethical practices. Studies show that 92.11% of millennia’s consider working for a responsible company when applying for a new job CITATION New17 l 2057 (Newsroom, 2017).Moreover, ethics and CSR helps to bring out innovative ideas.

For example Unilever produced an environment friendly hair conditioner that uses less water.In some countries legal actions are taken against companies if they are found guilty of being unethical. For example, in most of the countries it is a must for businesses to reveal full and proper information to the customers.

People who fail to do so are punished by the law. Customers reported about employees lying to them in countries such as USA, China, Japan, India, etc. 11% of employees in Japan, 22% in USA, 26% in China and 33% in India were reported CITATION Vic16 l 2057 (Lipman, 2016).

This is why it it’s important that future managers are aware about this ethical practices followed in countries.TASK 4Technology has taken control of our lives. We have come so far in technological advancements in the last 15 to 20 years. One which the technology has affected the most is how we do business.Nowadays, almost all of the businesses use technology as a part of their work. Managers need to consider three main aspects while responding to technological change. Firstly, that the amount of market competition and uncertainty will increase. Secondly, they need to know that there will be more diversity and that products will become high quality.

Furthermore new policies will emerge and there may be changes to previous policies.When we look, now we can say that a very few in the world do not use smart phones. But 15 years ago it was different.

The emergence of smart phones has led to a whole new level of how we do business. Mobile phone companies are competing against each other to gain more market share. For example Apple and Samsung. This co petition leads to high quality phones to customers with many different features available. To produce those products, companies use different technologies and employ people from different backgrounds so that they can know people’s views from different parts of the world.

This is called diversity. The way businesses sell and advertise their products have also changed. Now there are different ways to advertise products. The most common way being social media and other online platforms. Selling products online is also a fast growing method of business.

Doing this degree programme has helped me in different ways to know the role of technology in organisations. The most important part of any business is doing research about the product you are going to produce. Gathering data and doing analysis about it. In this degree I need to do assignments on different topics in each module. To do the assignments I have to do research, gather information about topics and analyse it. This gives me an idea about data analysis as a technological method use in organisations today.Furthermore, certain online resources are also available in my degree programme.

UWE library is one which has made my research easy. I am able to gain access to books and gain information about many things. Most of those which are not available in many libraries here.

Also a certain procedure needs to be followed while submitting assignments. These methods give me an insight of how organisations would use technology in their business activities.REFERENCEBarakat, S. M. (2014). ResearchGate. Available from: https://www. Accessed 09 August 2018Bennet, P. (No Date).

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