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Last updated: October 24, 2019

Taming of the shrew shows relationships that existed between men and women in the 17th century. This was a world where men were in charge and women were expected to follow; highlighting a patriarchal society. Ten things I hate About You uses film techniques to appropriate this idea in a modern context. The main characters in both the play and film have the same personalities.

Bianca is played as the perfect guiltless person and Kate is portrayed as a rude, bad tempered individual. In both the movie and play there is a very protective father in both stories because he has been raising his daughters by himself without their mother.Taming of the shrew shows that men oversaw the women. Women did everything the men told them to do.

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There was a widely accepted household hierarchy with husbands/fathers in control. Sometimes women were considered equal, but often they were treated as servants or property. When you got married the wife was set to bring all her wealth over to you and this is how they got Petruchio to wooer over Bianca. He equates money with happiness in both stories, so money is all he thinks he needs to be happy. But later on in both of the stories both Petruchio and Patrick find out it is not the easy to wooer her over. The theme of both the play and the movie revolves around love and feminism.

Katherine in the play is very contained about her idea of feminism and shows it through her actions. She doesn’t like the high school culture, and because of this she is antisocial and a bad temper. In the movie we get told why Katherine is like this because she slept with joey because everyone was doing it. We don’t get this explanation in the play.

The play is made for a more mature audience with some of the sexual jokes where as the movie is more for teenagers. Ten things I hate about you shows many of the same ideas as taming of the shrew with the relationships. These relationships are portrayed in two different ways as the movie they get married and, in the movie, they go out with each other. This is because their father makes it very clear that Bianca isn’t allowed to marry until Kate is married, but in the movie, they are only allowed to date.

Also, Bianca knows that her father compares her to Kate when he says that she is not allowed to date until Kate does first. When people see Kate and Patrick as a couple in the movie they are judged.


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