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Last updated: May 20, 2019

Tagataoletuiatua J. Auelua-SoaresENGLISH 100A Day at the Beach ParkIf you’re someone who seeks to stray far away from the city and experience a beach that is the pinnacle of “authentic Hawaii,” Nanakuli Beach Park is a highly esteemed recommendation.

At any time of the year you’ll find that the vast majority of beachgoers here are locals. Jam packed with awesome amenities such as spacious grassy park areas, and a long, wide stretch of beach, it rarely feels over-crowded. The Beach Park stretches across 40 acres and features three different parking lots, areas specifically catering to picnics, a newly renovated playground, lots of grassy space for baseball games, a wide variety of campsites, and the awe inspiring, untamed beauty of Oahu’s leeward coast.As you quest into this subtle nature-built haven toward the beach; the sun will work it’s way up to the sky, dispersing it’s powerful gleaming rays to everything in it’s path.

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Mynabirds chirping gleeful songs of cheer, waves crashing upon the shoreline, children laughing and playing are just to name a few of the harmonious sounds that greet you at the entrance. As you strut down the cemented paved sidewalk you can sense the history of those that have walked the path before you. The sidewalk looks as though a stampede of water buffalo had teetered down it causing a lot of cracks. Weeds flourished in the broad cracks, exposing glimpses of uninvited green to the rustic grey. Continuing on your venture into this scenic 40 acres, both the all year round lush green grass and hundreds of years old banyan trees will catch the attention of your nose, and your nostrils will detect the earthy aroma they exude. In addition, to taking in the different scents of the environment you’ll pick up on the radiantly happy ambiance that the indigenous locals emanate.

Most locals you find here; very much like myself, who have grown up in this area of the island, are so accustomed to that country like, easy going, aloha mindset lifestyle that it reflects in our attitude towards everything we do and everyone we come into contact with. Causing us to have a positive outlook and overall possess a cheerful disposition. Which can sometimes tend to be influential. Without even trying you’ll find that while making eye contact with those around you, you’ll also be effortlessly smiling from ear to ear.

Your whole disposition will shift from whatever mood you were in before that. If you were happy before you’ll now be ecstatic.Furthermore, your experience will reach it’s highest heights as you approach the beachfront. Overlooking the long stretch you don’t only see it’s beauty, you can also feel it. Despite the slight temperature of heat you’ll find yourself frozen in your tracks after your eyes take in what’s beyond the distance, only a few feet away.

It’s the ocean, vibrant with endless motion and tons of local sea-dwellers. Taking your best foot forward one in front of the other you can feel the earth shift beneath your feet. The millions of particles of multi colored seashells, and a wide assortment of different corals all blend together to make up the sand; which covers the beach like a blanket. As the fine grain coats your foot, maneuvering its way through the division between your toes, you’ll feel the warmth from the sun’s rays.

Reflecting a yellowish tan color it will lead you to wonder if the sunlight itself is trapped in the undissolved crystals of silicon dioxide.As a matter of fact, still holding that influenced smile on your face, while you tread through the field of sand, you’ll feel the anticipation build with each stride you take towards the water. When you reach the shoreline where the sand is now as damp as the rainforest, the nerves under your foot will start to tingle with excitement. Excitement that will stem from you knowing that the ocean that which you are about to partake in and enjoy is not the chlorinated pools the folks in the city are so accustomed to.Then, “Whoosh!” is the sound of the splash that will follow as you dive into the mystique Hawaiian waters.

The water rippling through every miniscule hair follicle, crease, wrinkle, nook and cranny The feeling of rejuvenation and revitalization will pulsate through every fiber of your being. The Earth will go silent as you emerge from the ocean floor below.


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