T.s Eliot was a great critic and he is known as the metaphysical poets. He critics very carefully and he critics very perfectly. The impersonal theory of poetry means that the artist the man and the poet and the man are two different entities. Poet has no personality his own but he submerged his own personality and feelings. Impression and expression which are two different autobiographical in his work. He condemned everything that did not confirm to classical doctrine.
Eliot has impersonal theory of poetry and he said that there should be unification of sensibility instead of disassociation of sensibility. According to Eliot he does not agree with this matter that creative faculty is higher than critical faculty. While criticism does not exist without a creative literature and creative literature cannot flourish without criticism. Neither can exist without other nor flourish without criticism.
According Eliot criticism should be according principle and evaluation and without any malicious.
Eliot reject the theory of Wordsworth that poetry is spontaneous overflow of powerfully passion. Eliot says that poetry is not turning loose of emotion but escape from them. He also believed that biography should not be limited.
Eliots style is compact and lucid. No frigid statement we found in its style. In short he was a great literary critic because he work according to the laws and principles of criticism.


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