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Last updated: February 23, 2019

t first, the firm has to design a marketing strategy for their further action. But to decide what the marketing strategy firm has to use, the firm has to fully understand the customer needs and wants. Like the hungry people wants to eat noodles or something else. Thus, once the firm understand what is the customer really want that they can decide a right strategy for their future marketing action. And the marketing mix is a tool to make sure firm can really deliver value to customer. The firm must create a need-satisfying market offering, and must decide how much charge for the offering, and how it will communicate with will target customers about the offering and inform them of its value, finally, it must make the offering available to target consumer. Then firm can build a profitable relationships with customers, Armstrong emphasizes the importance of developing strong relationships with your customers. “These days, in fact, marketing is all about relationships, especially when you are dealing with value-added and premium-priced products,” he stated.

“You really have to care about your customers.” At last, if all thing you doing at right way that you can capture the benefit from your loyalty customers. This is why the concept of value is so important in marketing. Because of really understand the concept of value that can make firm to create right value to the right people at the right time.

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