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Last updated: February 7, 2019

SUNSHINE CLUBSMK Sungai Ara, 11900 Penang • Phone: 04-6464246 • Web Address: www.sunshineclub.comBlue Bros Sdn. Bhd.No.

1 Jalan Setia11960 Bayan LepasPenang24/2018Dear Mrs. Imani,I am Project Manager of Sunshine Club. I am here to write a letter to ask for a donation to our club. Sunshine Club is club from SMK Sungai Ara that just for Form Six students. Our club will organize an event call as Gala Night.

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The event are about to celebrate a graduation day for Upper Six student by organizing a dinner in December 2018. The total cost is RM 7000 including the gifts, foods and others. This event will mean so much to us because 2018 is our last year in this club. We are asking for donation from your company to raise money to offset the cost of events. Your donation of any size item or gift would be greatly appreciated. Your company name will be displayed at the show as our donor.

We also will provide the Thank You letter so your company so that you can use for company purposes.Thank you for considering a donation and helping the Sunshine Club bring another educational, fun and interesting event.If you have any questions, please call Intan (014-2558803)Sincerely,Nurul Intan Syaffinaz binti Hamdan(Project Manager)


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