Topic: Tech & EngineeringInternet

Last updated: March 19, 2019

Subject E-Learning M-Learning
Place • lecture in classroom or internet labs • learning anywhere, anytime
Pedagogical Change • More text- and graphics based instructions
• lecture in classroom or in internet labs • More voice, graphics and animation based instructions
• learning occurring in the field or while mobile
Student to Student
Communication • Face-to-Face
• dedicated time for group meetings
• poor communication due to group consciousness • Flexible
• Audio-and video- teleconference possible
• Flexible timings on 24/7 basis
• No travel time with wireless internet connectivity
Feed back to student • 1-to-1 basis possible
• Benchmark-based grading
• Paper based • 1-to-1 basis possible
• Customized instruction
• Less paper, less printing, lower cost
Assignments & Tests • In-class or on computer
• Dedicated time
• Restricted amount of time
• Standard test • Any location
• 24/7 Instantaneous
• Any amount of time possible
• Individualized tests
Presentations, Exams & Assignments • Theoretical and text based
• Paper-based assignment delivery
• Hand-delivery of assignments at a particular place and time • Practical oriented exams direct on site, hands-on based
• Electronic-based assignment delivery
• E-delivery of assignments at any place and time


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