Topic: BusinessManagement

Last updated: April 26, 2019

Studies inclusive of the one conducted and presented in this mini-dissertation certainly come with a number of limitations. For example, a limitation of this study (as well as most studies on change management) is the fact that perceptions were only examined at one point in time. It is quite likely that perceptions vary at different stages of the change process. Numerous change management researchers, for example, Lewin, Kotter and Bridges, generally concur that employees who are involved in change experience a series of stages during a change process. In the course of each of these stages respondents may have diverse perspectives.

Therefore, researchers should consider a longitudinal study in which data would be collected over a longer period of time in order to see how perceptions change over time. The researcher could not conduct a longitudinal study due to time constraints. Time constraints also influenced other factors, for example, the amount of time the researcher could spend with the respondents during the distribution of questionnaires. In spite of the fact that the sample size utilised in the study was explained and motivated before, a bigger and more varied sample could arguably have given more meaning to the findings and improved generalizability.

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