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Last updated: March 24, 2019

STUDENT NUMBER : 63218739ASSIGMENT 3 : 20 000 Children Die Each EverydayLooking at those images of ‘child poverty’ it reminds me that poverty is really. It’s very sad that about 20 000 children underage of 5 will die from poverty and diseases that could be easily treated or prevented. This tragedy is repeated everyday around the world, especially in Africa and South Asia.Utilitarianism “a system of ethics according to which the rightness or wrongness of an action should be judged by its consequences. The goal of utilitarian ethic is to promote the greatest happiness for greatest number”. Therefore if we can prevent something wrong such as suffering caused by poverty then we must prevent it unless if preventing will cause more unhappiness.

I choose option E. The reason I think my option is correct, it is because of poverty and these diseases can be prevented if we work together. I know the cost of the resources or medical tools are expensive, but we must remember that we all have a duty to help those who are poor. We can do that by donating the money to charities instead of spending it on things we don’t need.

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The act utilitarian argues that whenever we can someone help, without a greater cost to ourselves, we should.


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