Topic: ArtPaintings

Last updated: February 27, 2019

Student Name:Lecturer:Course title:DateArtist statementMy artwork takes a view of social and cultural issues in my surrounding.

I’m inspired to a large extent with what I see, feel and experience. My work involves creating familiar visual signs and arranging them into something that can be conceptualized with anyone whether an art lover or not. I use objects, drawings, paintings, photographs and other inventions to portray the theme and objective of my work. Although I use a variety of materials and processes in each of my artwork and there may not be similarities between the different artworks, I ensure that the material use is linked to the subject matterIt is important to note that sometimes an artist can create an artwork which can be considered to be creative but it may not fit the subject matter and therefore goes out of context. For example, I created a Chinese heart shape knot in mine craft but when I exported it and tried to print it out, it did not show the spacing of the heart shape and it looked like a piece of a puzzle.

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This means that no one could have related what I created with the real Chinese heart shape knot. This is an example of how an artwork can lose meaning.Conceptual basis and technical process of the artworkThe conceptual basis of my artwork shows vividly what I believe in and my motivation in the subject matter of the work I create.

There is a great correlation between the work (my artwork), myself (the artist), the world and the audiences. My work is characterized by iconography i.e. taking the recognized symbols and replicating them to fit the subject matter so that the audience can relate to it.

For example in my second project which involved Meme Mashup, I drew my image. The image portrayed me as someone who is hiding their real feelings and pretending that everything is okay yet I’m going through internal struggles. This is a good example of iconography as I was able to use the drawing of the lady and replicated it to the real world. It is good to note that apart from iconography, my work also involves screen printing and photomontage. For example, my first project involves screen printing in which I came up with a glitch that uses data bending method, text edit, and audacity along with the original image.

The technical aspects of my artwork are its properties and are seen from two points of view: The point of view of the artwork on itself and the point of view of the artwork as a product. The artwork point of view involves aspects such as composite styles, media, techniques and the material from which the art is conceived. I use Photoshop, drawings, and photomontage to create my artwork. For example, I applied these techniques to my seventh project which involved presenting a portrait of me from a screenshot.The product point of view of my artwork involves the methods and techniques of how my work is created, shaped and designed to fit the end user, i.

e. the audience who receives the messages. In this area, I’m able to transform the information given to come with a work that my audience can relate to.

This part also involves sketching a plan of the objective which the artwork is going to meet. Like product in the market, I’m able to ask myself, if I were the end users, or the person buying the artwork, what will make me pay a certain amount to purchase the work. This plan helps me in creating a quality .presentation and just like a product; my work has a clear vision and roadmap that a customer or user can relate to.


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