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Last updated: April 13, 2019

Stroke is a world-wide prevailing disease and the lower middle income country like Pakistan is registered 80% of stroke burden which is continuously rising. Because the burden of risk factors conditions like diabetes, Hypertension and cardiovascular diseases is enormously increasing in Pakistani population. Stroke makes a great impact on quality of life of survivor as it contributes to a high level of long-term adult hood disability, morbidity, mortality, and imposes an economic and care burden on families and communities. However the survivors of stroke experience a wide variety of symptoms including impairment of motor, perceptual, sensory, cognitive, and psychological functioning.

Which make a great change dramatically in the life style, participation in activity of daily living in community. Internationally it is well recognized that the profession of occupational therapy support the stroke patients and provide the occupation based treatment to cope with the consequences of functional deficits resulting from stroke. The World Federation of Occupational Therapists defines that the occupational therapy profession as concerned with promoting health and well-being through occupation and identifies the profession’s primary goal as enabling people to participate in activities of daily life (WFOT, 2004). But In Pakistan it is observed that there is no research and proper documents related to occupational therapy program provides any occupation based intervention training in stroke rehabilitation. currently occupational therapy clinical services in stroke are based in medical setup and there perspective to use bio-medical approaches for stroke impairment and focusing on body function level rather than using occupational perspective for stroke. However mostly occupational therapists in Pakistan have limited Knowledge related to occupation based intervention practice in stroke rehabilitation due to this they does not priorities in their treatment occupational participation in community of the survivor of stroke.

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So there is vital need to explore and facilitate occupation based intervention training in stroke rehabilitation among Pakistani occupational therapist and updates their undergraduate occupational therapy program regarding occupation and client centred frame work based intervention training in stroke rehabilitation is more effective as compare to impairments based intervention. Because occupation based intervention practice promote participation in everyday life occupation at community after the stroke.


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