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Last updated: February 26, 2019

Strategies which can be applied aiming at overcoming forced marriages According to UNPA 2013 childhood marriages undermine the freedom and rights, wellbeing and condition of young girls. It is against the law to marry of children (Presse, 2013).The nyumba kumi drive makes it easy in the Turkana region to closely monitor and provide information when plans for marrying off children are in progress (njanja, 2017) .

A study done in Mozambique showed the importance of girls getting their freedom to access education and learning opportunities. Formal education equips them with knowledge and ability to bargain on the time and person to marry. Studying up to secondary level prevents childhood marriages unlike low levels which increases it. 60% of those without education are married by 18 years unlike 10%who have secondary education.Giving chances to young girls who are not married after school to develop economically can to a great extend reduce poverty. This can be through basic skills trainings, group savings, giving loans and even provision of carrier posts and placements. Means of making education affordable should also be considered by all the responsible bodies and stakeholders, this is to enhance affordability of fees and reduce limitations of girls from attending school.

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This alone is a step towards changing the view that marriage is the best opportunity women have A proposal towards prevailing and traditional laws should be put in place not only paying attention to the execution of official laws set against early marriages, this is one the initiatives towards change According to plan international putting together chances of education, health care needs and services availabity, regulatory structure tightening can cause a makeable difference in embracing changes towards childhood marriage (international P. , 2013). Running activities and programs which equip girls with knowledge about their rights and improvement of their self respect and pride is also vital towards ending early marriages. This promotes the girls understanding of how important they are and even promote self trust and leadership skills in future. Parental education about marriage effects to the girls and the need to look for other income sources other than valuing the girls to cash should be advocated. Financial and material aid offered to these guardians to prevent them from marrying off girls showed a great transformation in Ethiopia (exponent, 2015)Young boys need to be educated to make the best decision about their life to come, get to clearly know and understand gender equilibrium issues and understand is not a get a way route out of poverty but a relation (Newsday, 2018).

The myth about African on poverty, sadness and hungry people fighting forever and inability to live together should be dismissed and dignity reclaimed. Girls need chances not only awareness creation. All laws dealing with marriage issues and intimacy crimes to be in agreement and properly criminize child bride.

No one should be excused because of position or authority. Issues and information about child marriages to be incorporated in the learning syllabus to increase awarenessThe BALIKA study suggestions on delaying early marriages include: reaching girls at tender age while still in learning institutions, equipping girls with required skills for success to help in individual and group competences needed for health living and critical reasoning. The whole community involvement in discussions geared towards girls well being and living.

Access to technology and improved online learning builds girls competence and communication/sharing with whole world. Establishment of meeting grounds for the girls meetings identify with others to boost self esteem and wellbeing. Programs development driven by problems on the ground analysis as per the various evidences on different geographical regions concerning identified child bride causes (Council, 2016)Immense creativity power and different talents go unsuccessfully when forced early marriage occurs. It’s not good enough to denounce these norms but global and communal efforts should be geared to changing them to halt the long vicious cycle of child marriage (Foundation, 2016)Girls can be future change agents with the integration of political will, policies and effective programs. Abused children need shelter to bring back some meaning to their living and enhance their vision away from the destructive environment. Community and religious leaders, government and private sectors, civil society and families to uphold children in the best possible means and speak against child abuse (Mwololo, 2015)Communities should be made aware that a number of cattle can never and will never amount to the importance and profit of retaining girls in school. All people should join effort towards campaigns on ending child marriage because children and marriage don’t mix.

This should be a fall back for all child rights advocates, all this should be termed child abuse whose scars don’t heal and last forever (Kweyu, 2017).Among the Kuria community religious leaders are working towards fighting this harmful practice and promote girls education, they encourage equal opportunities to be given to all genders and prevent deterring of developments. Building various schools for the girls is one step towards ending it which will involve all the parishes in the area. They also advocate for teachers to be employed from communities which don’t practice it since those from the area see no problem with child marriage (Kuria-Feature Articles, n.d) .


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