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Last updated: November 18, 2019

Statement of Purpose (SOP)My urge to give back to society along with my experience in Healthcare has catalysed me to learn more about healthcare regulations in general. There is strong need for stringent regulations and more systematic way for people to perceive Medical device or healthcare industry as a whole.

I wish to have healthcare system at par with technological advancement for all the patients across the world in an appropriate manner. As a part of my long term goal , I now have to further enhance my understanding of functional and regulatory aspects of Healthcare companies in general. I envision myself joining Medical device research Giants in order to process the practical experience about Medical device and implants segment. And Master’s Degree from Northeastern University will be most important step leading me towards my goal.I am very down to earth person and have long learned that there are no shortcut to success.

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Hard-work, determination, dedication is the path I have followed for successful career in Medical device segment of Implants after my academics. I have always been Inquisitive about medical device right from high school. It always fascinated me to know more about Human anatomy and body functioning with respect to treatment for a particular illness in general.

Joining Pharmaceutical technology course from well renowned Narsee Monjee institute of Management studies NMIMS) in Mumbai was stepping stone to my inclination towards Healthcare management. Medical device being part of course curriculum acted as catalyst for further learning about Devices sector along with Pharmaceutical Industry.Moving on Professional front, I received college placement at highly reputed medical device German company BBraun Medical Device (Orthopedic Implants – Knee/Hip implants), which provided me with deeper understanding of corporate Hierarchy and more changing team dynamics. Unlike college, workplace was more driven by Timelines and Patient / doctors requirements. Working in Implants portfolio, helped me interact more with healthcare professionals/Surgeons and to understand the practical selection of treatment options. I soon started to realize and adapt marketing viability and analytical aspect from theory to practical situations. I did excellent in market research and gathered essential data for business development and Marketing activities. After 1 years sales experience I was relocated to Head-office as a Product executive in marketing department for strategizing and planning marketing activities.

Rising up to challenge I sufficed the marketing theory with gathered data and created remarkable marketing activity for company’s product line. Sales force appreciated the event and observed 30% growth in overall business in that quarter. I was awarded with Business Marketing excellence award for 2015 from Business unit head of the company. I was committed to job and had achieved extensive knowledge of Regulation and Patent protection regulations in India, and achieved basic certification requirement for Healthcare operations with 2 years of experience in Implants Segment. It gave me immense pleasure to see happy patients with reliable products and support. Constantly changing Technology integrated with Healthcare medical device would be the future aspect to adapt early.

This thought made me realize beginning of changing era of medical device with inclusion of most innovative systems from the world. I transitioned my career to another German multinational Dentsply Sirona (Dental Portfolio) wherein I was appointed as sales head- India and trainer for CAD-CAM system, designed specifically for Dentist and dental needs. CAD- Computer Aided Designing and CAM- Computer Aided Manufacturing is latest technology evolved for ease of Patients and Dentist. I was sent to Germany for training on CADCAM system from the company for In-depth learning, and to pass on the knowledge to Dentist and Colleagues in India. Revolution with Conjunct of Healthcare needs and Technological advancement has created Innumerable possibilities for ease of treatment. Practical association and interaction with eminent researchers in Germany have made my life ambition to work for betterment of healthcare system. Managing the evolving market of Technology and considering increasing healthcare needs, has made me concrete for contributing to community by giving best of technology for betterment. My over 4 years of experience in Medical device sales and Marketing has made me aware of opportunities and I was vigilant of how technology was very dynamic in Medical device.

Along with ever changing Technology, there’s obvious need of stringent regulations thereby helping patients healthcare need with assured quality. I have to add my skills and passion of healthcare into more reformed regulatory personnel, which can be at dispense of Medical device and healthcare corporates, I knew Masters in Drug regulatory with specializing in Medical device is the best way forward. Decided on Masters, the tailored course and excellent electives in curriculum would definitely enhance my knowledge on essential topics along with updated Healthcare regulatory norms. Working alongside inspired individuals means of global consulting program, getting required subjects and being assisted by eminent faculty would ensure that my time spent is continuation enriching knowledge from my work experience rather than as initiation. Also most important aspect to my Mid-term goals is the strong alumni network as well as Hands-on field experience would ensure that I get best path towards my aspiration of being vigilant regulatory personnel for healthcare / medical device company. I aspire to gain my dreams by completing Masters in Drug regulatory affairs from Esteemed Northeastern University, especially under mentorship of Mr. Darin Oppenheimer.

Along with my candidature , I am proud to present a strong amalgamation of the best and the worst living conditions and how it can effectively transform the world we live in. Moving to Northeastern University, working closely and gaining In-depth knowledge about united states Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA) would deepen my knowledge of international regulations associated with Healthcare, I look forward to sharing the same passion and bringing that enthusiasm to my fellow network, sharing the reality and practical scenarios of the area and how such parts of the world still need a stringent regulation and not merely from the country but also from the aspect of international healthcare community.My passion for healthcare and dedication to work took me to the streets of Germany. There was evident difference in healthcare set-up, with Companies keen on research and development in sync with technological advancement, It led to evergrowing aspiration and desire to be at par with healthcare technology and provide it to all the diseased patients at the assured quality.

From Germans, I learned the skills of making perfection and timely schedules.Now I wish to experience and be part of Extensive research , Best of technology and healthcare reforms of America preparing me to adapt effortlessly to global teams. Moving to Northeastern University, I envision myself into a leader in international healthcare community with strong ambition to alleviate the diseased by providing best of technology has to offer with utmost importance to regulatory norms.


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