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Last updated: April 18, 2019

Statement of Purpose
” I have got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom”. I could not agree more with sir Angus Grossart and this shows my attitude towards education and my hunger for achievement. Being the first women in my family to go to high school, I realized the importance of education and how it can impact the lives around me. Coming from a poor rural background, I understand the need for better health facilities and applied for a graduate program in Pharm.D. After graduating with Pharm.D degree in first class with distinction, I started exploring the areas where I can add significant value with the skills that I acquired in the post graduation and idea of unknown always enticed me to do much more and explore the opportunities around me in the area of health sciences research. Happiness lies first in health and I always wanted to strive for the well being of people by impacting human lives through research. Though the medium of instruction was not English until my 10th grade, I graduated with distinction. This shows my commitment to learn and work hard towards my goals and also my passion for health sciences.
I have joined Kakatiya University, one of the top 5 universities in India for pharmacy education. My six years Pharm.D degree training has imbibed me with skills and training as an exceptional pharmacy research graduate and made me look into the pressing problems in this discipline with a very different perspective. The successful completion of my Pharm.D degree with GPA of 3.91 is a testimony to my profound interest in this area. The high academic scores in practicals (lab work) shows how much I enjoy my lab work and my commitment towards research from the start of my career. My high cumulative GPA with distinction is a cherry on the top of the cake for not neglecting any part of my academic career although my prime focus is research. Understanding the concepts in depth especially in subjects like Human Physiology, Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapeutics, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Biostatistics and Clinical research has further increased my inclination towards a PhD degree. I found that Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research is very closely aligned with my skill set and I wanted to continue my research to pursue this degree. As this course involves multidisciplinary work from the laboratory bench to bed side, I can embrace this field as I have prior knowledge of laboratory skills, animal handling and I also involved in communications with doctors as well as patients during my 4th, 5th and in entire 6th year of Pharm.D.
Some of the other projects during my Pharm.D degree which increased my desire to pursue PhD are the Assessment Of Usage Patterns Of Proton Pump Inhibitors in Non-ICU setting and which lead to a conclusion that the vast majority of our medical inpatients in Non-ICU setting were inappropriately ( Not complied to any of the available guidelines USFDA and NICE ) using the PPIs which leads to unnecessary cost burden and long term side effects. The second project is about study of identification, assessment, and reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions due to antihypertensive drugs used in management of hypertension. Also, I was involved in learning other related subjects through MOOC courses offered by different universities around the world, whenever I felt that I need additional skills to understand the perspectives from professors in other universities and this has further strengthened my desire to pursue research.

After completion of my Pharm.D, I joined as a “Junior Research Analyst” in GVK informatics (Excelra Knowledge Solutions) which is an enterprise of GVK Bio. My work involves analysis and interpretation of efficacy and safety data of clinical trials (Phase I-IV), which is further used in model based meta analyses approach. Till now I have worked on 9 cancer indications for Eli Lilly company. The data that we delivered will help enable pharmaceutical companies for predictive modeling of clinical trials. And I am confident that this work experience will augment and ease my research in PhD, as I know and well versed with study designs and statistics involved in interpreting the raw data that we got from the trials. And I have also gained the knowledge in writing summary reports and manuscripts.
Health sciences as a whole and research in particular has always fascinated me in one way or other throughout my life. Past six years as a student and then as a research analyst has only reiterated my desire to pursue a career in research. The other reason that I got fascinated with the research is personal satisfaction that we get when our work makes a difference in others life. With the first step in my journey towards becoming a top notch Pharm.D graduate fulfilled, my next sojourn will be at the United States, the protagonist in technology and research, for my PhD.

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Graduate program at University of Florida i.e. PhD in Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research appears large in my mind, mainly because of its outstanding faculty and multidisciplinary approach. Professors Larisa H. Cavallari and Julio Duarte research interests, mainly the discovery and clinical translation of genetic variants related to drug response suits my research interests. I wanted to be a part of this great exciting and equally challenging journey and also hope that this degree will present me an opportunity to work and deal with the best of the minds in the academic as well the pharmaceutical industry.

This is an exciting time to have a career in research because the barriers between original research and technology is getting narrow day by day. Today pharmaceutical research is considered as a divine since it is directly involved with the health and prosperity of 7 billion people on this planet. I believe with my strong scientific and analytical abilities coupled with good decision making skills will help me succeed in this area. My ultimate goal of reducing the cost of health services to the point where the economically weaker sections in the society can avail all the services which the developed countries can offer. My education will also bring the best practices in terms of research to universities in a developing country like India where the need for better health care services are immense. I wanted to pursue an academic career after completing my PhD degree so that I can keep concentrating on building young minds and also build a bridge between academia and industry.

Through the many opportunities I have had to demonstrate my potential, I have realized the importance of planning, foresight and devotion. With strong fundamentals on the technical side, and the key personality traits of dedication, determination and enthusiasm imbibed in me, I am applying for the PhD in Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research at University of Florida.

Last but not the least, I wanted to add that if you still feel that there is a need for me to complete some courses to meet the prerequisites, I am happy to take those courses in my first semester or even before in your university after getting admission.

I sincerely feel my competence, rigor and commitment would help me make an indelible mark in this field provided I am blessed with the right opportunity.

I sincerely thank you for time in reviewing my application.


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