Stated in 2014 by the white elephant, it’s recorded that there has been a number of positive growth and development in the organization during this period to present in the preparing and serving of Thai cuisine food which has been a favourable meal to customers of it taste and quality. What has been making the organisation strife to success are taste, service and quality (The white elephant, 2014).
Looking at the organisation being a small restaurant in Holte, Denmark has recorded huge success since inception though facing little challenge from the primary and secondary data source but mainly from the primary data.
According to the white elephant annual report of 2014, highlighted intense relations and coordination between the leader and employees whereby through the leader’s cordiality with the employees has indeed inspires them to maintain quality of food serve every time from our findings which are captured through the leader’s exhibition of behaviour by working closely and relations with the employees. Second, he is someone who acts as an employee though a leader. Third, he inspires the employees to actualize their full potentials.
Finally, he pays attention and makes provision for their needs. For instance he takes full financial responsibility to arrange for a visa of any chef(s) employed from Bangkok, Thailand to work for him in the kitchen free of charge without any cost from the chef(s) as the case may be. All these are sources extracted mainly from primary data and a few from

In 2014, sadly was a year the white elephant was faced with many obstacles and of which some of them are hard to control sometimes such as; to get professional chefs and motivate them and to create good communication environment internally as well as externally, a year where the white elephant was also struck with a hard situation where a chef was fired because he was unable to discharge his duties properly as expected of him by the leader. The chef was hired from Thailand (The white elephant, online). Just as every organisations, companies and industries etc strife to build up and maintain their reputations which are the sole aim aside profit making, the white elephant is not an exception. The organisation indeed has a reputation to protect which is maintaining regularly the quality of food serve every time. Such reputation has been built for years to present and has kept the organisation moving forward to success and that is what they stand for (ed etal).

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On the other hand, motivating employees to continuing being committed to maintaining quality of food serves every time has been a concern to the leader and has been taken into full consideration, because when the employees are being motivated, they will avail themselves to ensure they partake fully fulfil the priority of the organisation which is to maintain quality of food serves every time. Though, the chef who was fired in (2014) due to non-performance in his work affected the business slightly after which another was hired from same Thailand to work in his place where from that time, the white elephant had recorded huge success through a combine efforts of services by the chef, employees and the leader. The strategy that was implemented by the leader that has caused the organisation to success is centred on leader-employees relationship and this spring’s up the motivation of employees (ed etal).

4.1.1 Leader’s motivation on employees to maintain quality of food serves every time
In 2014 when that incident happened of the fired chef, the leader had to motivate the employees in their work when there was one employee down; the leader had to act as employee to join other employees in serving food since customers’ placement for order of food is increasing so they could meet up their target. His motivation to the employees in various areas has led to an increase in the employees’ performance and productivity. Even though the employees are few, they enjoy working for the leader reason being that they see him as good and committed leader who is always displaying good leadership style and possesses good leadership qualities which he is using to drive the organisation to success, growth and development.


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