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Last updated: April 4, 2019

Stakeholders are the individuals and groups who can influence and who are influenced by the organization. Customers, employees, owners, investors, managers, competitors, suppliers, society, government are some of the stakeholders of an organization.For each and every organization, there are stakeholders. For example, Microsoft Company there are stakeholders. Customers, shareholders, employees, owners, managers, competitors, suppliers, sellers, society, government, environment are some stakeholders of the company. Through the company, there are more benefits to the stakeholders.

Some of them are,? Shareholders are the investors of a company. They are interested in the profits they earn. To increase they are trying to satisfy the customers by giving them what they need. Therefore, here customers get the benefit too.? Employees get their payments well, job security, benefits from the company, as well a good reputation within family and friends.? customers who purchase their products are benefited by getting the quality products, after sales services, prepared as the customers need, for example, gaming computers for people who are interested in gaming, super computers, etc. this products makes users works easier, and many more benefits.

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? For competitors, there are benefits as well they have threats too. If Microsoft is not performing well, it will be a benefit to the competitors. But if Microsoft is doing well, it will be a threat, but competitors can innovate new technologies and try to provide a better service to their customers.? Also the government benefits through the Microsoft Company, therefore government too is a stakeholder of Microsoft. It is because the government is getting the taxes from the company. If the organization have more profits and benefits, then the government also will be getting more tax amount.


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