Staff need to make practical arrangements to make planning appropriate approaches to the activities ensuring that individuals are clear as to the purpose of each. There needs to be collection of information, and data collected has to be analysed. There should be communication by telephone, email or text to the learners, assessors, colleagues, employers. Quality assurance information requirements has to be planned considering staffing, the workloads of the assessors, their occupational competence and vocational expertise, the range of learners, range of qualifications methods of communications and reasonable adjustments and special considerations. One needs to consider the delivery and mode of learning affecting evidence, negotiation of arrangements and plan considering assessors, leaners, mentors, employers. There are some administrative arrangements that need to be considered which include the timing, venue, schedule. The resources would be assessment records and documentation, assessment plan, range of evidence, sampling activities, internal quality documentation and the reporting process.
An IQA will ensure the plan will contain the assessment sites, work location and assessment location to be able to plan for observation of teaching and learning. An IQA will regularly check information held by assessors so that it is up to date for regular monitoring. An IQA will gather all learners’ portfolios for paper-based work If the work is paper based an IQA will inform the assessors of which assessments they want to see.
An IQA will communicate with assessors using email, mobile phones, texts and even team viewer. These are highly effective methods as the response time from the assessors is quite fast. An IQA will inform the assessors of key dates, for example standardization meetings, OTLAs which are set up in conjecture with the learner, the employer and the assessor. An IQA will complete awarding organization and centre documentation in advance as much as possible. These include lists of learner names and registration numbers. An IQA will liaise between the different departments, teaching and assessing, administration and finance. Requests for reports to be generated well in advance and to schedule in photocopying well in advance of monitoring and standardization events. An IQA will make requests from line managers to cover for assessors attending standardization events, or even release staff so that they can make external workplace visits. Some staff may require expenses and rooms and refreshments may need to be booked and sometimes computers may need to be made available to check data or to access learner evidence. An IQA will be aware of the budget allocated to internal quality assurance and assessment activities and regularly monitor spending on this.


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