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Sri Lanka Institute of Information TechnologyMT1010 Engineering MaterialsMaterial Selection Assignment TitleCase study of materials used in a typical kitchen hand mixer.DescriptionElectric hand mixers can be found in any modern kitchen performing tasks such as mixing, blending, whip-ping, and beating. A typical hand mixer has a handle attached to an enclosure housing a motor whichdrives a pair of removable beaters via a gearbox.

To perform the beating or mixing action, the beaters areimmersed in the ingredients held in a suitable container. There is a wide variety of hand mixers on themarket with varying speeds, power outputs and designs. In addition to the standard beaters it is usual forthe mixers to be shipped with whisk and dough attachments. While the mixers should withstand enoughtorque enforced by the mixing medium, they should also satisfy customer demands for aesthetic appeal, lowpower consumption and years of reliable service.

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Figure 1: A typical kitchen hand mixer.TypeThis is a group assignment. Maximum number of students per group is 5.TaskIn this assignment, each student is expected to write a 15{20 page report on the material used for 3 keycomponents of a hand mixer.

You may want to acquire an old electric hand mixer and dismantle it for acloser inspection. It is important thatyou follow appropriate safety measures such as disconnectingthe unit from electric mains before dismantling.For each component selected, your team should address the following topics:1.

The background information about the component, for example, the function of the component in the hand mixer and a brief of its historical development if appropriate2. Any materials related problems with the components you selected3. Important mechanical or physical properties of the materials to perform the expected function4. Suggest suitable candidate materials for the component (you should be specic, rather than identifying materials as just `metals’ or `plastic’)and any other areas relevant. You should consider including actual pictures of the components, and usediagrams and tables to support your discussion.

You can use books, journals, catalogs and Internet for yourresearch as appropriate. However, it is always important to indicate the source of your information as areference.Format Page size: A4 Font Size: 12 Line spacing: 1.5 Referencing is a very important part in your report. Add a list of references at the end of your report.SubmissionYou will need to submit the electronic copy of the assignment on or before Friday 21st September at 4:00 p.

m.The report should include a title page, full names and Student IDs of each team member, a table of contentspage, and a list of references.PlagiarismAny type of plagiarism is not allowed. Academic honesty is crucial to a students credibility and self-esteem,and ultimately reects the values and morals of SLIIT as a whole.

As this task requires, a student isexpected to work together with other group members discussing the assignment content, identifying relevantreferences, and debating issues appropriate to the assignment. Plagiarism occurs when the work of anotherperson, or persons, is used and presented as ones own. If you are found to have plagiarized your work youwill receive zero marks for the submission.MK/MT1010/A01/15AUG18Page 2


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