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Last updated: November 1, 2019

Sports activity is an essential part of the society which reflects the life of the people, the whole social activities of the society. People participate in sport activity for the sake of fun or enjoyment or satisfaction. The sport is a carrier which encourages coaching of various sports and games along with rules and regulations governed by them and also it prepare the trainees to take active part in competitive sports (Muthuraman, 2010). It has been very closely associated with the human society and thus, competition in sports has a decisive social, cultural, political and economical influence. This impact of competition has been further strengthened by the use of public media, i.

e. radio, television and press (Ganie, 2016). Performance in sports competitions at various levels have become assign of prosperity, development and innovations of new techniques in the field of sports (Mankotia, 2015).

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Sports are not simply play for plays sake. It is not also just striving for excellence. Let sports activity build up strong man power, develop mutual trust, co-operation, solidarity and friendship among individuals, teams and nations (Muthuraman, 2010).


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