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Last updated: April 24, 2019

Sometimes people will do certain things, maybe be at the same time, the same place, or even the same order. When this happens in a familiar order and it becomes something we do without thinking it’s called a routine. Routines could be as little as brushing your teeth then changing out of your pajamas.

Everyone’s routine is different. Usually, routines are not symbolic actions and are simple in meaning. Rituals are a religious service or ceremony that can involve multiple actions that happen in a certain order.

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They are actions that help us mentally or physically express our beliefs and values. They give us a chance to remind us of special times and people in our life that have impacted our hearts. Rituals are usually full of deep and multiple meanings. We use signs, symbols, and sacraments to be closer to God. My religious ritual is going to mass every Sunday. This gives me a routine to follow and get the chance to celebrate.

Routines and rituals aren’t the same thing, they have numerous differences. It’s mostly behind the meaning of the two actions. A routine is viewed as a chore or needs to be completed. A ritual is viewed more as a practice full of meaning. It has a real sense of purpose and identity.It is importance of having a ritual in the celebration of the Sacraments. It gives us the chance to express a deeper meaning and the sense about the sacraments when we not only talk Mongston 2about them, but participate in them. It makes us turn into one, whole community of faith.

The sacraments of Confirmation and Matrimony are two sacraments that I personally think of when talking about rituals.Confirmation is the step of accepting and growing closer to God. To receive this sacrament, you have to complete many steps.

Some including: Have received the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist; Practice their faith on a regular basis; Can explain and understand the responsibilities of a member of the Catholic Church. We are doing certain preparation that is critical to receive the sacrament. In the beginning of eighth grade, I started preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. I didn’t understand how important the steps were until now. It was a important ritual to prepare for.

It was physically expressing our values before the big day. Without the ritual, children of God could not get the chance to strengthen our faith and receive this sacrament.


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