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Sometimes in stories, authors develop characters with a strong relationship. Because of their relationship, that helps progress the story forward and it can lead to potential conflict. In John Steinbeck’s novella Of Mice and Men, the two protagonists Lennie and George are as a matter have a strong relationship. The story is about their life, looking for a job during The Great Depression in the 1930s and it progresses based on the choices they make. In this story, Lennie has a disability and his only concern is himself and what he wants, he is mostly dependent on George for survival.

George is always there for Lennie, and Lennie knows that George will always be there for him and will never leave him behind because that’s not what a friend does. John Steinbeck indicates how essential a friendship is and how much two individuals can support each other to survive. Take this bond away and it will make a troublesome and relatively complicated journey for the two men in this novel. John Steinbeck depicts Lennie and George as having a great relationship and keeping in mind that George has said that he is better off without Lennie, but he realizes that he needs Lennie as much as Lennie needs him. The connection between George and Lennie is a long-lasting friendship between two very different men. Lennie obtains a disability which allows him not to be aware of the trouble he can cause. He is an enormous man with a severe amount of strength that he is not aware of. George on the other hand, is an intense person, with the brains and skills.

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In beginning the two men are trying to escape from a problem that Lennie is to blame for, George backs him up. George and Lennie met one day when George was talking with his group of people and has told Lennie to butt out of an extension that they were both on. Since Lennie is slow-minded he attempts this brainless demonstration and nearly suffocated. George feeling incredibly responsible for Lennie thought of it as a commitment to befriend with Lennie to payback.

As the two became more friendly with one another they became very close friends and didn’t stop. Knowing that Lennie was disabled, George would dependably call him his “cousin”. George shows that a good friendship depends on what somebody’s self-image resembles, not what they look like at first glance. George sticks around with Lennie despite when Lennie makes numerous errors and nearly puts George into danger, but is willing to take the blame in an act of friendshipOn page 34 George and Slim have a discussion. “You guys travel around together” “Of course, we kinda care for each other.” This quote explains that George isn’t unwilling to state he and Lennie travel around together and isn’t embarrassed by his position. All through the entire novel, George constantly compliments Lennie on his work and his positive size. Great companions stick by one another.

They constantly back one another up and they assist when one of them is in need. Lennie is usually the person who needs help, yet possibly Lennie could help George in any situation if he did not contain his disability. When George and Lennie talk with the Boss George says to Lennie, “Let me do all the talking”. George demonstrates that Lennie isn’t too great with his words and would probably screw things up. I trust that George has continually wanted the best for Lennie and he realized that Lennie would either be tormented at last or get killed in any case. At the point when George murders Lennie, it is in my thought this is the best example of regard and friendship towards Lennie. George never wants to see Lennie get injured, so this is the only way he can give Lennie a chance to carry on with a happy being without getting hurt on the inside.

On the off chance that if I was George I would do the exact same thing. It’s utmost renouncing a friend, however, once in a while it is the greatest advantage of your companion. The last part that demonstrated the great friendship between the two was when George said “We going to get a little place”, the last words said to Lennie by George. This demonstrated George needed to settle down and live with Lennie for whatever is left of his life.

George and Lennie had such a great friendship, to the point that they both needed to live and know each other forever. George guaranteed chickens, rabbits, and everything else that Lennie could ever need and what makes him happy to get his mind of that he was going to be killed. He proposed to Lennie and to himself an amazing actuality with a lifelong friendship. Lennie, just at last acknowledged how extraordinary their friendship was. He understood he had mistaken numerous things and one of them was George. Lennie had known the amount George had enhanced the situation him and was before long eased that George didn’t detest him for problem had created. It’s too terrible that it took Lennie that long to obtain how great of a person that George was and how much that he intended to George. The most essential piece of this novel wasn’t who passed on, or the fantasy that they wanted.

The most crucial thing was the bond of the two main characters since it doesn’t happen commonly that an incredible relationship is found. Typically a temporary companionship is built up, similar to the one that nearly everybody has at a point in their life. You don’t normally undertake two people who obtain such a strong bond that they know each other until the point that they drop dead.

The upcoming era is filled up with a substantial level of simplistic individuals who don’t focus enough on the person. Dishonor is more key to a few people for a long time than a real friendship that lasts forever. That is the reason it is inferred that a friendship or any relationship is near being the most important thing throughout everyday life and the message John Steinbeck tries to show to his audience.


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