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Last updated: November 23, 2019

Some factors that influence a consumer’s decision could be the financial performance on the product, consumers make an ideal choice focus to the economic restraints they encounter. The consumer makes a purchase if he perceives that the resulting utility gained by investing the worth paying the first high cost, and giving a high return on an investment. (Nkomo, 2017, p 14). There are many factors that influence a consumer’s decision but the most important one is the economic factor. This is the basis of the least buying choice. Consumers do not purchase something they cannot afford.

Another factor is the consumer must be practical which is completely about needs. Marketing fix factors is a huge one because the consumer reflects multiple things like the features of the product, price cost, and if the product is available at certain locations. Personal reasons come into play when making choice such as one’s age, gender career and lifestyle of the consumer. Social and cultural reasons can also play a part in making a consumer’s decision. All or some of these factors can discretely or together affect the buying decisions of a consumer.

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Another view is the consumers favorites are affected by choices of the public and their associates. Making a decision is also swayed by factors such as present information and routine. Nkomo read in article from 1994 that, “If the consumer perceives the price to be too high without budgetary constraints, and without the understanding of economic benefits, this becomes a first high cost psychological barrier” (2017, p 15).


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