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Last updated: October 27, 2019

Some characteristics for livable cities would be the employment. In the metropolitan areas, the main livelihoods are industrial, administrative and professional in nature. The divisions of labor and job-related profession are very much frequent in towns, cities and metropolitan areas. The community heterogeneity plays a factor as well. The urban areas are illustrated by varies of people, races and cultures. There is great assortment in view to the food and dress habits, living conditions, religious beliefs, cultural outlook, customs and traditions of the urbanites. Also, the proper social control in urban neighborhood is for all intents and purposes recognized in nature. Peoples actions is keeping pace by such organizations like law courts, jail, or even police etc.

Urban areas build accessible needs for reconstruction in society as a whole. (Bühler, P., Schlaich, P., & Sinner, D. 2018). It is definitely difficult by the fact that a small amount of low-income family unit are able to come up with the money for a new car, which trim downs the cost of funding but families are likely to have poor credit and that has the differing effect. The worn cars that they buy are also to be expected to be a lesser amount of trustworthy than the average.

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That leads to the maintenances costing more than usual. The dilemma is a metropolitan and suburban transportation considered to accommodate cars at the cost of non-automotive traffic and be deficient in of well-designed, well-funded public transit services. The automotive standard of living and the category of development and communications it causes can be shown to raise transportation costs while limiting access to jobs, causing these costs to rise without there necessarily being a correlating rise in the competence of poor Americans to pay them. Waitakere City has been experiencing the distinctive troubles of urban growth, such as the urban sprawl, traffic overcrowding, and pressure on natural areas surrounded by the city.

Additionally, the cities replicate various ethnic makeup’s. (Bulletin, C. 2017, January 04). Noticeably, the European ethnic mainstream and minorities of quite a lot of cultural groups can repeat for the makeup’s. The city council has urbanized a Green Network Plan with the purpose of defense, re-establishment, and ornamenting the natural environment across the whole city, whereas mounting human enjoyment and appreciation of that environment. (Bühler, P.

, Schlaich, P., & Sinner, D. 2018). That goal places human beings within the natural world, as stewards of its natural and spiritual health. The whole community is enrolled in ‘greening the city’ that consist of restoring native plants, providing corridors for wildlife, and providing access to the parks and reserves that will maintain people’s safety from crime. Trenton was suffering from the widespread problems of a crumbling urban center, ethnic segregation, and urban affliction. (Bulletin, C.

2017, January 04). They did end up fostering a lot of changes such as vacant lands being transformed into 15 community garden sites, about 300 units of affordable housing have been created, abundant unemployed young people have been given job training in relation with the affordable housing projects. Last but not least, they created career centers.


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