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Last updated: March 31, 2019

Socrates was perhaps the most interesting and influential thinker in the fifth century. Socrates spent his time questioning people about things like virtue, justice, piety and truth.He was dedicated to careful reasoning and he also wanted knowledge rather than just floating through life carelessly. He learned the art of the Sophists, the ideas and culture of many philosophers, and Socrates used the same knowledge by the Sophists to get a new purpose, the pursuit of truth.

He questioned everything no matter how small and he was determined to accept nothing less than the truth. Socrates asked,”What is the right way to live”? so many great ideas were created on this question.As he started to understand the right way to live he came about good vs evil.

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As i was researching i wondered why did he even use evil instead of bad. I guess this is one of the questions that make you what to be a Philosopher. Socrates came up with his own answer and that answer was a simple word “virtue” A virtuous person is one who character is made up of moral qualities that repance moral excellence. According to socrates this is the right way to live.Socrates is perhaps one of the most important philosophy in the 15th century.

Because Socrates had many chances to escape, but believed it would be against his morals and his work to do something so wrong. After he was put to death many of his students, mainly Plato, Promised to revenge Socrates death and to continue on with his work. Socrates legacy was the foundation and the pillars for many great philosophers that would follow in his footsteps towards wisdom and truth. Socrates was the base of philosophy. Now it lets student realize that being incorrect helps them discover truth.Like socrates Plato had great ideas and express those ideas in philosophy.

Plato Pursued on his teacher ‘s work and in the process he came up with some of his own ideas. And how Ironic one of his Amazing theories was called the theory of ideas.This theory was just a “viewpoint attributed to Plato, which holds that non-physical (but substantial) forms of ideas) represent the most accurate reality”. Plato thought that ideas were often capitalized and that ideas were just reality. Because they exist beyond space and time and that absolutely true.


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