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Last updated: March 29, 2019

Sociology simply means the systematic study of human behavior. Sociological perspective means the way how people see one another, have opinion regarding individuals and how they interact within a society. Social force means any successful desire or motivation that prompts social activity. Some of the social forces are education, religions, economic status, internet, sports, war etc.

which plays important roles in our life experience. Therefore, sociological perspectives that helps us recognize that the lives of individuals are shaped by the force of society.Education is an important factor for every individual in each step of their life. I am from Nepal where still some people do not have access to education, also there are no schools in some rural parts of my country. In my country, society plays an important part in our decision to attend college. People from my society consider you as good person if you attend college or have high education, which is a good part. Who doesn’t want their children to be doctor or engineer? Most of the parents in my country believe that doctor or engineer is the only career their children can have. Every people are unique and have their own interest.

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They compare their kids with other kids, which creates a kind of pressure in a child’s mind to do their best in study. But sometimes when they do not meet the high expectation of their parents, it becomes a big issue. One cannot expect a fish to fly and an elephant to climb a tree. After high school, some students go to foreign country to earn for their family because they are unable to go to college due to monetary problem. There is a trend in my country that girls will join nursing and boys will join IT college.

Nowadays, students from my country visit foreign country to pursue quality education. My parents never forced me to take decisions. They always believed in me and my decisions.

They always encourage me to have a bigger dream, dream of touching the sky. Even if I don’t touch the sky, at least I’ll reach near to it. It was my own decision to pursue my study in United States. After my high school, I started to apply from my country. I knew that the tuition of the universities of United States is expensive so, I did TOEFL and SAT to get scholarship.

After I came to United States, I observed that it is a very big deal for American’s too to graduate from college or university. I found out many students drop out of college because they think college is not their cup of tea. For instance: if they are good in singing, they’ll focus more on finding the ways to become a singer. They can go to college and pursue their career in singing too. But this is America and parents do not force their children to do things.

Back in my country, students go to college and study hard, to meet the expectation of the society which is one of the pros of my society


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